Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday

It's back!!!!! Sorry I've been gone so long!

   - My sinuses are seriously trying to kill me. Are they really that important to the human anatomy because so far all I know that they do is make me miserable. Sinuses are totally overrated. I vote we start boycotting them.
   - Did you know that Walgreen's doesn't carry popcorn? I was in DESPERATE NEED of popcorn and Walgreen's was the only place open (it was like 11pm or something) and they didn't have any! So I got chocolate turtles, M&M's, chocolate chips and Dr Pepper instead. HA that'll show them!
   - Isn't is supposed to be fall or something? It was 103* today. I don't think Texas got the message.

   - I was sitting at Saxby's with Ryan, minding my own business, when this UGLY crow thing decided it wanted to be my bestie. I'm not really a bird fan. Particularly when they're ugly, black and disease ridden. And it wasn't afraid of me either. At all. Thankfully the nice cooks for the restaurant next door saved me by offering Mr. Ugly Bird some salmon.
   - I like Justin Bieber's perfume, The Key. *hangs head in shame* I want to die.
   - If Rebel eats another pair of my underwear (sorry for the TMI) I might kill him. Seriously.

   - Sunday was my first photo shoot! My awesome cousin, Delaney, agreed to do a photo shoot with me so I could get some practice with my new camera (by the way, Ryan bought me a Canon T3i. I think I'll keep him around a little while longer). It was lots of fun and my model was wonderful!
   - I no longer have a phone with a cracked screen! I am the proud owner of the Galaxy S4! And it's AWESOME!
   - Ryan and I are in this really cool place in our relationship, and have been for a while. I will be sitting on the couch watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix for like the third time and Ryan will be sitting in his recliner working on his laptop or something and we're perfectly content sitting there doing our own things....together....but separate. It's nice to be that content with each other.

   - Just a little hedgie adorableness to brighten your day (Prim, left; Ivy, right)!
   - Speaking of Prim, tomorrow I will have had Prim for one year!

Happy Hump Day and I hope you enjoyed this Wonky and Woot-tastic Southern Soapbox!