Friday, August 30, 2013

Fashion Friday: Mellow Yellow

It's nearly fall in most of the US, but not in Texas. It's still HOT! 103 degrees hot. Miserably hot. So, while the rest of you northern folk begin to bundle up, I will still be posting short sleeved outfits, with the occasional light sweater, probably until sometime around Christmas, maybe even after that. Welcome to Texas, where summer never actually ends.

I love POPS of color! Especially yellow. It's so happy. I used to own yellow shoes, but then my cat peed on them. These yellow shoes are SO CUTE and the yellow hand bag from Macy's is the perfect size (big). I actually own this Old Navy top, but in a different color/pattern. It's really cute with shorts and sandals too AND I believe Old Navy is having a sale right now! The jewelry is very special to me, as I sell it on behalf of Haiti's Jewels on my store. It's GREAT jewelry made by a company in Haiti, supplying local villagers with jobs. If it's warm where you are (or in my case miserably hot) you could easily do black shorts, or even brown shorts instead of skinny jeans. If it's cooler where you are (you luck lucky duck) add a little cardigan to stay warm!

Well, that's my very yellow Southern Soapbox, hope you enjoyed!!!