Friday, February 3, 2017

Motherhood So Far

I had a friend ask me today how motherhood was treating me. I told her the first adjective that came to mind. Tiring. Motherhood is tiring. She said "You're supposed to say it's fun!".

Yes, motherhood has had some fun parts but seriously. It is tiring. It is never ending. Not only are you physically tired because sleep? What's that? But you're also emotionally and mentally drained. You're worrying about everything all the time. Is he eating enough? Is pooping enough? Is he pooping too much? Why is he spitting up so much? Is he going to be completely codependent because he has slept in his swing/bouncy seat for the entire 2 months he's been alive? And if you're not worried about the baby you're worried about if you're ever going to lose all that weight (even though it has only been 2 months), and are those stretch marks ever going to fade? THEN you have to worry about if you're neglecting your husband. Does he feel left out or replaced? Is he ever going to find you sexy again?

But then you're rocking your baby at night and you're singing to him and he smiles at you in his sleep, or you're making faces at him while you're playing and he smiles and laughs. Or you walk in to his room and see his daddy rocking him and reading him a bed time story.

And suddenly you're not tired anymore.