Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fashion Friday: Pink and White

It's another Fashion Friday post!

I really love all these pieces and would be ecstatic if I could do my hair like that. If y'all have any requests on outfits you would like to see just leave me a comment and I'll see what I can do! Until then, that's my Southern Soapbox! Have a great weekend!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

 I hope y'all are having a fun Memorial Day weekend! We've stayed pretty busy. Saturday we went to my cousins sweet 16! We grilled burgers, watched kids run and play and then opened presents and ate cake! After her party I went over to Maegan's house for a girl night. It's always good to spend some time with just us girls. After work on Sunday Ryan and I went to his parents house so he could finish working on his car. His mom gave me some cook books that I've been looking forward to and I watched the Ryan and his father fix Ryan's car (and by that I mean, I watched Ryan as he watched his father fix his car). Today we picked MawMaw up from the airport and that's pretty much it. Hopefully when I have a really awesome house with a big kitchen, nice dining room, pool and we'll even throw in some horses just for good measure (hey, a girl can dream) I can host Memorial Day barbecues and other fun stuff. That's what I would like to do anyways.

Well, that's my Southern Soapbox. Thank you to all those who serve our country, soldiers, policemen, and firemen.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fashion Friday: Casual brown

I've decided to do something a little different. Most of you know that I LOVE shopping, mostly I love shopping for shoes, but shopping is awesome. So I've decided instead of spending money on outfits I'll just make some online instead. It's like shopping, except it's free and I don't actually buy or own any of the clothing. Ok, so it's nothing like shopping. Shopping is WAY better but whatever. So instead of doing Flashback Friday every Friday I am going to do it once a month and do Fashion Friday the rest of the month. That way I don't run out of stories for Flashback Friday.

I am using Polyvore to make my outfits and am going to try to make sure that everything is affordable. At the bottom of the pictures there are links to the outfit where you can see each individual item, how much it costs and where I found them.

Casual brown

Well that's my Southern Soapbox. I hope you liked the outfit! P.S. If someone wants to get me the shoes and the bag that would be really awesome :P

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Monthly Chores

Yesterday I mentioned that I had begun my Spring Cleaning. In that post I also mentioned that on Fridays I will be doing a monthly chore. Don't worry, I did realize at the time that I didn't tell y'all what those monthly chores. Honestly, it's because I didn't know yet. So I went online and Googled (because that's what everyone does when they don't know something) "monthly chores". There were lists and lists and more lists of all the stuff people do once a month to make sure their home looks immaculate. Lucky for me, I just want my house to look nice, not immaculate. So I found a list on or something like that along with this more detailed list. Now of course I won't do all of those things. For example, I don't have kids so I don't need to clean out their non-existent closets or toys. Also, I have no idea what a "larder" is so I guess I won't clean that either (yes, I know I could Google it but if I continue on the 'I don't know' thing then I won't have to clean it).

I will probably make a "monthly" chore chart at some point in time just so I can say that I did it but until then I will just pick a few of these to do every Friday and work my way through them. I'm not too worried about getting them all done every single month. I will be doing more than I do now and I am content with that.

Spring Cleaning

Happy Sunday y'all! For most of you it's spring but here in Texas we're on the verge of summer but I figured I would go ahead and start me "spring" cleaning despite the heat.

I stumbled across this blog on pinterest and was in total awe! I wanted everything she had mentioned and decided that I would start my own smaller version. I probably won't get all crazy and go nuts with organizing but I am going to declutter and make sure everything has a home and stays there.

I've started with making a schedule. I had posted before my cleaning schedule but I may tweek it a bit. The Wednesday "surface day" is terrible which means I never do it. So I've decided to divide every day into a room along with a few other little things. Here is what my schedule looks like now.

Unload dishwasher in the morning
Vacuum all rooms (hall, bedrooms, living rooms, etc)
Clean living room
Clean Laundry room
Wipe down counters & stove at night
Load dishwasher at night

Unload dishwasher in the morning
Laundry day
Clean entry way
Clean "Library"
Clean Dining room
Wipe down counters & stove at night
Load dishwasher

Unload dishwasher in the morning
Clean kitchen and bfast nook
Clean bathrooms
Take our trash from all rooms
Vacuum all rooms
Load dishwasher at night

Unload dishwasher in the morning
Laundry day
Clean bedrooms (even the guest room)
Wipe down counters & stove at night
Load dishwasher at night

Unload dishwasher in the morning
Vacuum all rooms
Monthly chore
Errands day
Wipe down counters & stove at night
Load dishwasher at night

Make your schedule work for you! You may not have to run the dishwasher every single day. I have two dogs and a cat so I have to vacuum three times a week, you may not need to. The point of a cleaning schedule is for it to work for you and your family. Also, don't be afraid to change it.

My next "quest" was to decide how I wanted to keep up with my schedule. A lot of people like to make big calendars to hang out in the open so they see it every day. Personally, I'll walk right past it and never give it a second glance after I've hung it. Instead, I used a calendar app on my phone. I look at my phone all the time so I see my little list on my phone every time I look at my phone but just in case I miss it I have a back up plan!
First of all, notice that this is not my normal schedule. We may have family coming in town Tuesday (yay!) so I am trying to get everything clean before they get here. Anywho...

Every night before I go to bed I will write my cleaning to do list out on my bathroom mirror (I use a regular dry erase marker and to wipe it off I just use a piece of toilet paper). Every time I go to the bathroom during the day I see my To Do list and hopefully I will be able to check things off as I go through out the day. By the end of the night everything on my list should be checked off. If it's not, I just add it to the next days list. I like to be able to see things being checked off a list so this will hopefully be helpful.

Well that's my Southern Soapbox! Tomorrow I will be organizing my laundry room. Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A rather pointless post...

Yes, that movie with one of the hottest men ever Channing Tatum. I just finished watching it. Again. I saw it shortly after it came out. Ryan too me to see it for Valentine's Day :).

After rewatching it I was thinking. If I lost my memory I would have to loose 10 years for me to completely forget Ryan. That would, mentally, make me 10 years old. So I got to wondering, how would he make me, a mental 10 year old, fall in love with him, a 24 year old. Also, wouldn't that be a little creepy? Just saying. Even if I didn't loose the whole 10 years, we've been dating for 5 years. So what if I just woke up in the hospital to find out that I'm 15 or something and am dating the man that I dreamed of marrying when I was 10? How weird would it be for both of us for me to not remember all the things we've learned about each other. All his secrets and his little things that he does and the little things we do together. How totally awful would it be if I didn't remember any of our inside jokes or our wonderful memories. Then I started thinking, what in the world made me fall in love with him? I know why I love him now but I really can't tell you why, at 10 years old, I decided I would marry him some day. He wasn't very nice to me back then but I still knew that he was my man.

No real point to this post. Just some random thoughts that I had during this emotional rollar coaster called The Vow. It's a really cute movie, if you haven't seen it. It's based off a true story too but it is a little corny (aren't all romance movies?) but it's also funny and sweet and it gets you thinking about the people/person you love.

Well that's my pointless Southern Soapbox. Sorry to have rambled on about nothing.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday

Happy Hump Day y'all! I actually planned this post and wrote it as things happened to me. Hopefully this works out better and it's a bit more amusing since everything was fresh in my mind. I had an AWESOME week. I hope you have too!


   -That pesky pile of laundry sitting in my desk chair that just refuses to fold/hang itself. I've waited for it to makes it's way to it's designated home but all it does is grow bigger. Consequently, I am currently sitting on the floor writing this. Should I decide to see if it will disappear or relinquish my hopeless dream and put it away?
   - Believe it or not, I do come up with witty ways to say things on here. The problem is they almost always come to me while I'm driving or in the shower, so I can't write them down. By the time I can write them I've forgotten everything I had mentally written. And now since my memory is so bad I've started leaving notes everywhere: on paper, my phone, sticky notes, and my bathroom mirror (I use a dry erase marker, it wipes off with a rag. Really cool for leaving notes for hubby or the kids!). Curse my scattered brain.
   - Whenever other people wash their dogs the dog always comes out of the bath smelling like shampoo. It's always so nice to be petting him/her and smell that sweet aroma. Take Jixer for example. Jixer is Ryan's short haired Dachshund. He always smells lovely. My dog, Rebel, on the other hand.... not so much. He just smells like wet dog. What gives?!
   - Rebel is afraid of the dark. I had let him and Martin out for their last chance to potty and was watching them through the door. Rebel was very cautiously picking his way through the grass and wouldn't go far from the door to pee. Something hit the fence, I assume it was a rabbit, and Rebel jumped about 10 feet in the air and ran back to the door practically coming through it to get inside. Aren't dogs supposed to have really good night vision? I think my dog is broken.
   - I had thought my pink eye had gone away. I took the steroid drops for 7 days 4 times a day and the redness was all gone and they felt great! Then I stopped taking the drops.. and it's back! UGH

   - The guy that pulled up next to me while I had the windows down in the Explorer (this was before I got Maizy) and was BLASTING Toxic (yes, the Britney Spears song) by Glee AND was singing along and car dancing (it's a real thing, you should try it). I'm pretty sure the look on his face was jealousy and awe. He wishes he was this cool.
Sorry it's not great quality.
Upper left is my mom, upper right is Maegan's mother in law
and bottom is Maegan

   - Mom, Maegan, Maegan's mother-in-law, and I all went glass blowing Saturday morning for Mother's Day. Well, they blew glass. I took pictures. It was really cool and fun. I'll have to do a post to put more pictures of it.
   - I GOT A CAR!!!! Click on the link and check her out. She's pretty sexy, just sayin'.
   - I actually had this post finished LONNGGG before I posted it! It's amazing. Usually I'm a day late lol.

Well, that's my Wonk and Woot-tastic Southern Soapbox. I hope you all have a great week!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Meet Maizy

Yesterday was a good awesome amazing ok.. I can't come up with an adjective to describe it. I'm not going to waste time with a story of the whole day. It was Mother's Day... and for Mother's Day my mom and dad (who are totally freaking awesome btw) BOUGHT ME A FLIPPING CAR!!!!!!!!! Please note, I am not a mother (unless you count mother to a slightly moronic dog and rather species-confused cat) but they bought me a car. Not just any car.... a RED CONVERTIBLE That's right buddy! I am a convertible owner! I am officially in the "cool car club" (a club that I have stayed FAR FAR away from. as a matter of fact I have been in the "crappy car club" since I have been driving... not that I'm complaining. I survived my crappy car years just fine.)

ANYWHO, on to Maizy. She is a 1993 red Mazda Miata. The guy that was selling her was moving to Alaska with his wife in a few weeks, and as I'm sure you can imagine (it's really fun to imagine this) Maizy was not made for Alaska. She was made for me, obviously. He was very very sweet and obviously hated to see her go. He may have cried a little which made me feel REALLY bad for taking his baby away. Don't worry, I got over it. Maizy has had an interesting life. Believe it or not, the guy that owned the car before the guy I bought it from used to race her. He installed several after market parts to make her more powerful and sound really cool (which is what I actually care about since I won't be using much power anyways... at least as long as my dad as reading this blog I won't be :D).

For all you car enthusiasts and people that actually understand this stuff, here are a list of her after market parts:
1.6l DOHC
4-2-1 Header
Aluminum Under Drive Pulley
Front Sway Bar
205/60R14 Performance Tires
- About 40% tread left
Custom Drive Shaft
2nd generation NB Miata seats (much comfier and allows more headroom)
Glass Rear Window
HP+ Brake pads all around that are near brand new

I do actually know what most of this stuff means, believe it or not. I just don't have it all memorized yet to list off what all makes Maizy so special. She's in extremely good condition, or at least I think so but what do I know (I'll tell you, not much when it comes to cars.). She needs to have a wax job, which I am going over to Maegan's house to do today. I'll post more pictures when she's all shined up and looking her best!

Well, that's my Southern Soapbox! If you hear a VRROOOOMMMM VRRRRROOOOOOMMM it's possible that it's me and Maizy. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

An Ode To My Mom


Thank you for everything you have done and still do for me. Thank you for enduring morning sickness and backaches, and for going through 12 hours of labor to bring me into the world. Thank you for loving me through late nights, tantrums, car pool lines (a particular favorite past time of yours) and silly crushes. Thank you for making it through the years that I thought you weren't cool and chose silly boys over you. Thank you for loving me through the years where you may have preferred to give me back.

You have taught me so many things! You've taught me that being a girl doesn't mean wearing dresses all the time and taking ballet (although if that's what I wanted to do you would have been fine with that too!) You taught me how to throw a softball and dribble a basketball. You taught me how to drive a standard (although at the time, it was terrifying!). You taught me how to throw a punch. You would not have a daughter that hit like a girl. But you also taught me how to be kind and loving. You taught me (and I'm still working on it) how to be patient with others and see the best in people. You've taught me what unconditional love is.

You have always been there for me. When I needed someone to kiss my owie and wipe my tears away. You were there to tell me that boys are stupid and he doesn't know what he's missing. You've been there to help me convince Dad why I should get this animal or that. You've been there as my late night buddy. I can always count on you to be awake in the wee hours of the night. I love that while one of us is watching a show (because we pretty much watch the exact same things.. just not always together) the other will come running in the room and say "Oh my gosh have you watched insert TV show here? It's CRAZY!" You are there to get us lost make "adventures" out of a simple driving trip. Thank you for always being there.

Most of all, thank you for being an amazing women and mother. I couldn't ask for anyone better. I love you. Happy Mother's Day!

Your Poohzer

Well that's my Southern Soapbox! Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Cheesy Chicken Recipe

I decided tonight that I would redo a recipe that I had gotten from my sister. I have tried it once before but it didn't go so well. This time... I think I've mastered it! Or... I got lucky. We'll hope that it's the former.


1.However many chicken breasts you need. I used Tyson's frozen chicken breast.
2.Enough milk to coat the chicken. Probably about a cup or so. Sorry I didn't measure!
3.Grated cheese. The amount on that plate is NOT enough! I actually took these pictures after I had coated everything. Sorry, this whole thing was a last minute "oh hey I can post this on my blog" moment. Cover the entire bottom of the plate and the pile a little more on top. That was enough for me to do 2 chickens but I couldn't get more on the plate or it would over flow. (I use about one package of Kraft cheese for 4-5 chicken breasts.)
4. Ritz crackers. I usually use half of one of the longer sleeves of Ritz.
5. Pam or some sort of non-stick spray

1. Thaw your chicken. Hopefully you started doing this about 30 minutes ago if you are doing it in the sink like I did.
2. Preheat your oven to 425*
3. Crush your Ritz crackers. It's ok to have a few little chunks but for the most part it should be pretty fine. Put your crushed crackers on a plate or wide bowl. The plate and bowl should be wide enough for you to be able to flip the chicken around and all that jazz.
4. Put your cheese on a plate.
5. Put your milk in a bowl. Again make sure your bowl is wide enough to accommodate your chicken.
6. Spray a glass pan that is large enough to fit all your chicken with your non-stick spray.
7. Get your chicken and smother it in milk. Make sure it's nice and wet. Then put it on the cheese. You'll have to kind of pretty the cheese into it. Coat is REALLY well. Then move it over to the crackers! Again, pretty those crackers into and coat it really well. Repeat until all your chicken is finished.

8. Put your chicken in the oven. I THINK I did the chicken for about 40 minutes. I like to set the timer for every 10 minutes to check it and make sure I don't over cook it. I also started the chicken out at 375* and decided to increase the temperature, mostly because I'm impatient. You'll know it's finished when the top starts to brown but make sure you cut it in half before you serve it to check for pink!
9. Eat and enjoy! Be aware that sometimes when you lift it out of the pan the crunchies slide off :( I don't know how to stop that from happening. If you know, PLEASE tell me!!!
Well that's my Southern Soapbox! I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Pink Eye Blues

What color would that make, I wonder, blue and pink? Some sort of blue-purple I would imagine.


Please do not look at this post as me complaining. Instead, think of it as me warning you about how much pink eye sucks, in case you get it. You're welcome.

So, for almost a week now my eyes have been really bugging me. It's pretty much been the same feeling you get when you have bad allergies (or so I'm told, I've never actually had an issue with allergies... you would think I would have thought "hmmm well then maybe it's not allergies..." but.. I didn't). My eyes have been itchy and watery. Occasionally, I would wake up in the morning and there would be a lot of "sleepies" gathered in the corner of my eyes, and even my eyelashes, but I just thought maybe allergies are really bad this year. Saturday I noticed that my eyes were pretty red. I looked like a total stoner (which I am not, in case you wondered). I went to the doctor at 11am on Wednesday. She asked me about all my symptoms and then she tested me to see if there were any scratches on my corneas. She then determined that I must have micro scratches, because my symptoms did not point to pink eye (I have since talked to people that have had scratched corneas and there is NO WAY that is what is wrong with me... but hey, the Doc is human and she made a mistake. I still think she's awesome :P... yes I love my doctor.) Soooooo she told me to go see my eye doctor so he can see my corneas and treat them. We called my eye doctor and the lady said that if we head on over she will squeeze us in. Well, as most of you know (because pretty much everyone that reads this blog is related to me), nothing ever goes according to plan when a McRaney is involved (McRaney is my mother's maiden name). We drove through Wendy's and got lunch. Then mom proceeded to spill an entire medium sized Coke ALL over her and the drivers side door! Poor Mom. The funny part is, she wasn't so worried about the ice, or coke being on her car, more just that it was sticky (Mom hates sticky). Anyways we called the eye doctor, told them we needed to come a little later and they said come around 2:30. So, we went home, Mom got unstickied, and we went to the eye doctor. He informed us that I definitely have pink eye and gave me a prescription for steroid eye drops along with a few other instructions.
1) Clean/Lysol/wash EVERYTHING
2) Wash my hands A LOT
3) Don't wear contacts or put on make up for 7 days
4) Throw away contacts and make up
5) Stay home and avoid people (Typhoid Mary kind of situation)

So, things you need if you get pink eye:
1. Antibacterial soap, and lots of it! Every time I walk by a sink I wash my hands. You aren't supposed to touch your eye but sometimes you HAVE TO. It just itches SO BAD you can't help it. So, when that urge comes along, I go to the sink, turn on the water, itch my eye and immediately wash my hands. 
2. There should be a roll of paper towels in this picture, but there isn't. Use you imagination. Instead of using a hand towel to dry your hands, use paper towels and dispose of them immediately. Don't sit it on the counter and mess with stuff. THROW IT AWAY!
3. Hand sanitizer, because.... ummm well b/c it's hand sanitizer and everyone has it.
4. Disposable gloves. Mom used them to put my steroids in my eye. You could just wash your hands after, but gloves make you feel all nursey and cool.
5. LYSOL LYSOL LYSOL! Wipe down EVERYTHING! You would be shocked (or maybe you wouldn't be..) at how much you touch! Especially kids! We got the wipes and the sprays. Clean the bathroom, light switches, door knobs AND the actual door, counters, the front of fridges, cabinets, couches, chairs, the TV remote, EVERYTHING!!! Oh and don't forget your laptops/computers and cell phones (it leaves a really annoying film afterwards so you probably will want to wipe it off with a damp cloth after you wipe it with your Lysol.
6) Steroid eye drops, provided by your doctor. These things work fast. I've only used them once so far and my eyes are already less red. I have to do them, one drop a day in each eye (because I'm awesome and got it in both eyes! go big or go home!), 4 times a day for 7 days.
7) Rewetting drops. These things are great! Your eyes get really dried out so these are really nice to use. Also, if your eyes feel itch or just "weird" (you'll know the feeling if you have or have had pink eye) they might be dry so try some drops!
8) Your own little hand towel for a hot or cold compress. It actually does help a lot. I tried doing a hot compress, but the rag never stays warm for very long. I took a hot shower and just stuck my face in the water. It was heaven.
9) Lotion. Your hands get really dry since you're washing them all the time.
Other little things that I've read online... wash your pillow case every day after you wake up, along with your towel and bath cloth after a shower. I am using white towels so I can bleach them. Is that over kill?

I can tell you.. it's not so much that pink eye "hurts". It is rather uncomfortable but mostly it's just inconvenient. Throwing away your contacts, contact case and all your make up and make up brushes is, not only expensive (because you have to replace all those things) but just annoying. Then you have to go clean EVERYTHING (which, if you're like me, you've been avoiding for a while). Also, you're not supposed to be around people... haha ya....right.... and you also get people that ask you if you're stoned (yes, people have asked me.) AND do you know how hard it is to NOT touch your eye when someone says "don't touch your eye", and when it itches and is annoying. I'll tell you... it's HARD!!!!

Well, that's my Southern Soapbox. I really really hope none of you get pink eye, even more, I hope you don't get it from me. Even more than that, I hope your kids don't get it.

Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! So far, it's been an.... interesting... day. I hope y'all are having more fun than I am!
   - I just got back from the doctor and am waiting to go to my eye doctor. My eyes have been really red (I've had to explain to people that I don't smoke pot, there's just something wrong with my eyes) so I decided it was time to go to the doctor. I thought it was pink eye but it turns out that I probably have micro scratches on my corneas from my contacts. WOOT. I have to go to the eye doctor to confirm this though.
   - Most people make their beds when they wake up. I make my bed when I go to sleep. I pull the covers up and get everything straightened out then I pull the covers back and go to bed. Am I the only one that does this?
   - UGH. Car shopping. I HATE car shopping! It's the worst most horrible task EVER. I think I would rather birth quadruplets. Ok, maybe not, but it really does suck. We can't find anything we want that is in our price range and when we do find something and go see it, it totally sucks! We looked at this adorable (in the pictures) Miata. The paint was peeling all over the car, there were holes in the top and the top didn't come all the way down to meet the windows. Seriously? We drove two hours, spent less than 5 minutes looking at the car and left. Again, UGH.
   - While we're talking about car shopping.... have y'all seen some of the ads that people put on Craigslist? Really people?! My favorites are the "Beautiful car! It's so wonderful! It has all these things that are great (insert long list that makes absolutely no sense to me but is obviously supposed to make me go "wow cool!" here) and then they end with, bring your trailer and load her up!" Or when they say that they have all the parts but the vehicle still doesn't run. Well that's awesome! It has all of it's parts!.... but it doesn't run. Really?!?! Again, UGH!!!

   - Seriously, my parents are pretty awesome. Just gotta say. I am really blessed to have such totally wickedly awesome parents.
   - Yesterday was Monkey Day! I spent the afternoon watching AJ while Andrew and Maegan (my brother in law and sister) went on a little date. We spent the majority of the time running around outside. He also likes being thrown on the couch, then he'll lay really still until I say "I'm gunna gitcha" and he tries really really really hard, and unsuccessfully, not to squirm. AND THEN I ATTACK! I tickle him until he starts rolling towards me. Then I pick him up and do it all over again.
   - You can do the same thing over and over and over with a toddler and they have the same level of excitement as they did the first time you did it.
   - After Maegan and Andrew got home I hung out with them. Andrew dropped me and Maegan off at Target so we could look at swim suits and he and AJ had some "boy time" at Home Depot. Maegan and I found me a swim suit to tan in but I still need one to actually swim in (the tanning one is like a tube top, not a good idea to swim in that. Especially if you're going out on a boat to go tubing.)

Well, that's my Southern Soapbox for today! I'm trying to get back into the swing of things after my Mississippi trip and staying at Ryans so hopefully things will get back to normal. Have a good week y'all!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone!

   - As most of you know I have been staying at Ryan's apartment while he is away for a business trip. While there are many perks to living alone there are also some things that make it well... wonky. When you live with someone else and you run out of toilet paper while on the potty you simply yell "TP 911" or send a text to someone at home (yes we do actually yell TP 911... and sometimes even go wee ooo wee ooo like a siren.. we're cool like that). When you live alone you either train your dog to fetch your toilet paper, hope that it's with in stttttreeeettttccchhiiinnnggg distance, and if it's not, well, you're screwed. Another downside is, if you're paranoid like I am, EVERY tiny little noise sounds like someone breaking into your house/apartment but it's ok because I play the TV or music loud enough to drown out those noises. So all those little noises go away... but at the same time if someone does break into the apartment, I won't hear that either (minor set back to not being paranoid).

   - Monday night I decided it would be a good idea to bring Rebel to the apartment with me. That way he could wake me up if someone did try to break in (and every time someone closed their car door... or the lawn guys started mowing the lawn... or if he just felt like he should bark so everyone knew he was there). Of course, in order to get him to the apartment he had to ride in the car, something he doesn't often do. He, like most dogs, decided to stick his head out the window, and by head I mean he leaned as far out the window as he possibly could. It was rather windy that day and the wind kind of caught him and started blowing his head back with considerable force. I had to roll the window up on him to get him to pull his head back in. It was a bit scary at the time but not long after I started laughing at how ridiculous and cartoon-like we seemed in that car. At least he didn't have his head stuck out the sun roof (yes, he has done that too).
   - It amazes me how much significance I give 3 little numbers on a scale. When I step on to weigh myself one of two things happen. I either get VERY happy and suddenly feel really skinny and healthy, or (the more likely of the two) I suddenly feel like a fat cow and start planning how I'm going to eat all kinds of fruit and veggies and swear off sweets (which never actually happens.. but I plan it REALLY well). Then I realize, much to my horror, that I choose to give those numbers that significance.
   - The realization that the above statement "I choose to give those numbers that significance" is something my Aunt Emily would say. Which makes me thing Crap now, not only do I sound like my parents... I also sound like my aunt! Thanks Aunt Emily for being that voice in my head....
   - Now for my more trivial, yet important, wonky thing of the week. I have read (and please don't judge me for thing) the Fifty Shades of Grey series. I also know that they are planning to make it into a movie. I also know that my Hollywood crush, Ian Somerhalder, has been considered for the role, which I am BEYOND thrilled about, although, they are also considering Robert Pattinson for the role as well. Which I am BEYOND not thrilled about. Seriously?! ROB?! Ugh! He isn't hot, he can't act and he's not even a decent person! Ian however is SOOOOOO GORGEOUS, a great actor (and he's hot..) and a genuinely amazing guy (and he's hot..). If Rob get this part, I will NEVER watch this movie EVER.
   - I was in the apartment last night, alone, when I looked up and saw a roach on the ceiling. I, of course, FREAKED OUT, but was able to calm myself and muster up all my courage to walk to the kitchen and get the roach spray. I stood there contemplating angles of how to spray the things so it didn't move towards me. So I stood on a chair (so if it fell on the floor it wouldn't be able to crawl on me) pointed the spray, held my breath and doused the thing with Raid. The roach sprouted wings and fluttered to the ground. I killed a poor innocent little moth, and it took all my courage to do it too. Ugh, I am so not made to live alone.

   - I have started watching the TV show Smash. If you've never seen it, it's really cute. It's about two Broadway music writers that decide to do a Marilyn Monroe musical. It's on hulu, check it out.

   - Central Market has the most adorable TINY little peaches! I want one. They also have GIANT thingys of cheese! It's crazy, why would you need that much cheese?
   - I am really excited to go check out this new shoe place that a dear friend suggested (shout out to Miss Melanie!). I love it when people see things like a new shoes store and think of me enough to actually tell me about it. It makes my heart smile.
   - AJ dancing in the car too Glee. Need I say more? It's adorable!... but then most everything he does is adorable.

Well, that's it for this Southern Soapbox! I hope your weeks are roach/moth free, you don't run out of toilet paper while no one is home, you don't sound like your relatives, and no one breaks into your houses. Have a good Hump Day y'all!