Saturday, June 13, 2015


Like most girls, I have spent most of my life wondering what my wedding day would be like. Where would it be? What would my colors be? What food would I serve? What would my bridesmaids wear? What would I wear? I finally know the answers to all of those questions. It’s amazing how much time and energy you spend on ONE day of your life. One day. I have been planning ONE day since before I even knew who I would be marrying on that one day. It’s amazing how quickly that one day passes by. I barely remember it! I remember a very sick flower girl. I remember feeling like I should be more nervous and then FINALLY my nerves hit me when I started putting on my dress. I remember taking more pictures. I remember lining up to walk into the church and wondering why on earth it was taking so long for it to be MY TURN. I remember wondering if we were walking to fast (we were). I remember thinking my feet were going to fall off. I remember taking more pictures. We ate at some point, although not very much. We said hi to people, danced a little, took more pictures and then we left and drove through Taco Bell (yep, Taco Bell. In my wedding dress). It was over. I was married. Now we start our lives together.
            For most people that means going on a honeymoon but for us, it meant staying home. We had a wonderful day-after party the day after we got married. We got to spend time with family and friends that we didn’t get to see as much at the wedding. Then, on Monday real life began. Ryan got sick and I really began my role as “wife” and care taker. He spent our first week of married with a double ear infection, sinus infection and upper respiratory infection. Who knew the “in sickness and in health” part of our vows would kick in so quickly?

            Of course when you get married you usually change your last name to your husband’s last name. Why is this such a pain?  You would think they would make it easier. You have to go sit at the Social Security office, which is not an easy place to find, figure out what option corresponds with “I want to change my last name because I just got married” in their little computer check in thingy, then you have to figure out where on earth you’re supposed to sit because they have 3 different sections to the building and not a single sign that tells you what each section is for, and then you have to wait. Forever. Then you spend 5 minutes changing your name and you’re done with that part. Then, you have to go change your name at the DMV. THEN you have to wait for your new social security card to some in so you can change your name at the bank. OH AND you have to change your name at work which means you have to contact 565144891233 people to make sure it’s changed in all the different little thingys they need to change it in. Seriously. Also, when you’ve been signing your name a certain way for 23 years, it’s REALLY hard to sign it with a different last name! I had to practice because I kept signing my maiden name. And that first time you’re called “Mrs. Bonney”, and you look around for your mother in law and then realize that now YOU’RE Mrs. Bonney. Oh. Duh. That’s me. Don’t mind me I’m just a newlywed.

            Now I am learning how to juggle being a wife, having a job and having a social life. I'm learning that I may never eat some of my favorite foods again because my husband won't eat them. We are learning to enjoy the little things in life because, much like our wedding, it will go by quickly. We are enjoying our MUCH awaited life as a married couple.

            OK, that’s enough about the wonders of being a newlywed. Enjoy some pictures!


All photos were taken by Bayou Rose Photography.

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