Tuesday, June 14, 2016

15 Weeks!

Another week down! We have made it to week 15!

Baby is now the size of a large navel orange, roughly 4-4.5 inches long. Baby Bonney is practicing breathing by swallowing amniotic fluid and is peeing every 45 minutes or so (we're going to go through a lot of diapers if it doesn't chill out with the peeing).

I can definitely feel my uterus when I poke my stomach, which is really weird. It kind of just randomly appeared. I can't feel any movement yet, although that should be happening in the coming weeks so that's exciting. The nausea is MUCH better but it does make an appearance every now and then. Currently the biggest symptom I'm experiencing is lower back pain. Pain seems like too mild of a word for it though. I have been getting this paralyzing stabbing in the lower right side of my back when I put weight on my right leg. Last night it was at its worse and I couldn't walk. I became very good at using the furniture and walls as a crutch to be able to get to the bathroom. I have my first ever appointment with a chiropractor tomorrow and I'm hoping that will help. Insomnia is still an issue too and I'm hoping at my appointment next week we can figure out something for that as well.

We find out if Baby Bonney is a boy or girl on July 15th. Does anyone have any guesses? Ryan thinks it's a boy. I still have no clue.

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