Friday, February 25, 2011

Chaos! (warning:LONG post)

I know, I haven't posted on here in a while. I've been CRAZY busy!

First of all, I went to Mississippi this past weekend. My Aunt Kathy was supposed to have liver surgery so I drove my mom down to Mississippi on Friday evening. We didn't arrive until 3am! On the way there we got lost which is funny because we've been making this drive for 16 years. But anywho, not only did we get lost the people on the road were CRAZY! But never-the-less we survived the trip and made it, mostly unscathed.

I came home on Tuesday, leaving mom to fend for herself with the relatives :P. It was my first solo "road trip" and as you can see from the picture to the left, it was VERY boring! The most nerve racking part was having to stop for gas and even that wasn't all that bad. I listened to Glee almost the entire way home (yes, I do have 8 hours worth of Glee to listen to, and yes, I'm aware that that's a little sad lol).

So, Mom and my aunt went to New Orleans Wednesday and found out that her surgery was postponed until Friday (today). Well, long story short today she went into surgery to have blood vessels that were growing on the outside of her liver removed. When the surgeon looked at her liver he realized that he would not be able to remove those blood vessels which rendered the surgery useless. Aunt Kathy is now in recovery, surrounded by her mom, my mom and her two children. She is also now being placed on the liver transplant list so we are praying a new liver become available soon.

Anyways, like I said, I've been CRAZY BUSY! After I got home I had to go to class Wednesday and later Ryan made me dinner :). He made a very yummy Chicken Marsala. I had started to make it but somehow he ended up doing most of it lol. Then Thursday I woke up and cleaned the fridge! I took out and wiped down all the shelves, threw away old food and then wiped down the outside of the fridge! It's empty now and we look like we have no food, but it's clean!
Today I had class again and then after class I went to babysit for a wonderful family :). After that I came home and cleaned the pantry and the cabinets! Luckily tomorrow Dad and I are going shopping because we totally look like we have NO FOOD!

The top of the pantry

The bottom of the pantry
The Cabinet

Who knows what I'll end up cleaning tomorrow lol! Have a great night!

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