Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring cleaning

Since Mom has been gone I have been cleaning like crazy! I started with the kitchen, which I posted pictures of in the post before this one, but I didn't stop and the fridge and pantry. I went on the clean off the counters, the bar, and clean out the medicine cabinet, the glasses and coffee mugs, and the various food storage containers we have come into possession of over the years. By the way, why our family has and entire cabinet full of coffee mugs while only one family member (my father) drinks coffee is beyond me. I moved our deep freeze and microwave too.

Not only did I clean, literally, all day (from about noon to 6pm) I also made baked mac and cheese AND muffins! I made the baked mac and cheese for supper and then later that evening, around 10 or so, I got bored and wanted muffins. I made the honey bran kind, and yes, I cheated, they came in a bag lol. I burnt the first batch because the bag lied to me lol. It told me to cook them for fourteen minutes but I think they should have only gone for like ten.
Not burnt batch of muffins

Baked Mac and Cheese and steamed veggies


  1. Looks nice!! Good job!
    You totally sent me the muffin picture last night when I was in school lol.

  2. Lol. I was bored so I was sending people pictures lol