Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

So much has been going on and yet, not really lol. Sooo here's an update!!

MEAGAN IS HOME!!! I'm so excited to have my buddy back! We've been hanging out a lot, which is AWESOME! Unfortunately, Chris went to Afghanistan :(. Me, Ryan, Meagan, Jixer and Busa all went for a walk. Poor Jixer almost had a heat stroke. Apparently being black and walking in 80 degree weather isn't a great idea lol.

This past week my sister, Maegan's, (not to be confused with my friend Meagan) husband was out of town and poor little AJ got sick. Me, Mom and Maegan all took him to the pediatrician at 9pm lol. He had a cold and all they could do was saline suck his nose. For those of you who don't know what that entails... allow me to explain. Basically you pin the kid down squirt saline up his nose and then suck it out. Needless to say, he DID NOT like it! On the plus side, I got in lots of snuggle time with the little man!

I decided that I wanted to go to the Farmer's Market this past weekend so me, Mom, Dad, Maegan, AJ, and Ryan all went. Meagan was supposed to go but she had to do homework :(. We got a ton of strawberries so Mom can make strawberry jam!! We also got green beans and some really yummy balsamic vinegar dressings! They had a bunch of different flavors but we ended up getting the apple and peach. Mom used the apple to marinate some pork chops which turned out AMAZING! After we bought all of our stuff Maegan and I decided that we had to have some ice cream to cool off.

We got new furniture today!!! Mom and Maegan went to Weirs and picked out a sofa, a chair with an ottoman and a recliner. The recliner isn't here yet because Mom had it covered in a solid beige color. The room isn't completely set up but those are pictures of the furniture!

Meagan and I are going to go on some adventures soon so I can post more stuff lol! Well I'm off to get ready to go to Texas Roadhouse!

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