Monday, March 28, 2011

Homework Homework Homework!

I swear, that's all I seem to do. This weekend I wrote my sociology paper on gay marriage which I think turned out relatively well. It's not quite as long as I was hoping for it to be but, quality is better than quantity! Tomorrow I have to go up to the school and take my math test(which I probably won't do very well on) and on Wednesday I have to resubmit my English paper because she apparently didn't think it was good enough. I thought it was pretty flipping awesome but whatever.

I'm wicked excited because in a few hours I'm going to head over to Ryan's house and see MEAGAN!!! I'm sooooooo excited that she's coming home! It's funny how we weren't really that close through her husband, Chris', first deployment but ever sense I helped her move to Cali we've gotten pretty close. Seeing as how I don't have many friends she's definitely my bestie and I love her to death! WELCOME HOME MEAGAN LOVE!!!

Well I'm off to beautify myself to welcome Meagan back home!

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