Monday, June 13, 2011

Longggg walk!

Today wasn't such a horrible day. I am feeling a little burnt out from being sick and being busy last week with VBS but that's nothing new. I woke up this morning and went to my mom's church to help with THEIR VBS, because apparently last weeks VBS wasn't enough for me lol. We went to Chick Fil A and ate lunch with some friends which was really nice. I came home and did some laundry and cleaned out my closet. Tomorrow I have to clean out the litter box and vacuum.

My MAJOR accomplishment for today was Rebel and I went for a 3 mile walk. According to the app on my phone we averaged about 3.6 MPH for the walk which is a pretty brisk pace. Rebel did EXTREMELY well, especially since there were a lot of other people walking their dogs. He didn't lunge at any of them, as a matter of fact, he, for the most part, ignored them all! I am very proud of him! As for me, I thought I did pretty well seeing as how I don't walk on a regular basis. At about 1.5 miles my knees and ankles were getting pretty sore but I figure if I don't do things because it hurts then I would never get anything done. And besides, pain is weakness leaving the body, right? :P

Tomorrow I am going to help Mom at VBS again because she will also be babysitting my nephew, AJ. He is getting SO big! He is trying to crawl :(. After VBS Mom and I are moving to a friend of ours house to house sit for A MONTH! I'm really excited because they have a pool. We will also be taking Rebel and Martin (the dogs) with us so hopefully Rebel and I will get to go on another nice walk. We shall see how badly my body is aching lol.

Well I'm beat, gunna go watch TV until I fall asleep! Night :)

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