Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The love of my life

So, I'm in a mushy mood lol. Bare with me on this post.

I am so lucky to have Ryan in my life. He is funny, respectful, sarcastic, mature but not too mature. He isn't "the sweetest more romantic guy" in the world, but it works for us. As much as I say I would like the cheesy cliche romantic moments, that would get old after a while, and who wants a cliche relationship? I can guarantee you not many people have the relationship I have with Ryan. His idea of romance is tickling my arm while we lay on the couch and watch a show that he doesn't even like. He is ALWAYS honest with me, even if it's not what I want to hear. He doesn't give me everything I want just because I ask for it, he has no problem saying no, and I like that. I mean, at the time that he says no, I don't like it but in the grand scheme of things, I like that he says no to me. It works for us. I love our weird little relationship and can't wait to be his wife :).

Okay moving on. So I have succumb to the peer pressure and joined Twitter. I'm not really sure why. I just have a few people that I want to follow and that's really all. I don't totally understand Twitter lol. We shall see!

I have been staying busy with school. I have my first test for the semester on Wednesday in my communications class. I also have a test in Government and History on Friday. I think I am pretty well prepared so I'm not too worried about it. I am really excited about a new club I joined. Real Option On Campus. It is a christian pro life club that helps council and educate people about abortion. I am really excited to start helping out!

New picture of AJ :)
I was babysitting him and we were chilling out on the couch watching Charmed lol. He is getting so big :(. He's almost 9 months old! And he's trying to walk!!!!!!

Ok y'all, that's my Southern Soapbox of the day! Have a good night(or morning in my case lol). I'm going to have breakfast with my love in the morning!

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