Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday

Hey y'all! I know, it's not Wednesday. Sorry, I got side tracked. I'll do better next week [maybe]. Anywho, I'm still working on my "Why I was missing" blog post. I'll get it done eventually. Until then, enjoy Wonky and Woot-tastic. 

    - Working out in the gym and then having a flood of younger guys (seniors in HS or youngins in college) come in to "work out". I'm pretty sure when guys say they're going to work out it actually means they're going to go up to the gym, stand near the equipment and watch one guy work out while the other 6 stand there talking and pointing out his mistakes. Sounds like city workers to me. They also like to YELL across the gym to each other.
   - My pink eye is back. Again. For the third time. THIRD!!!!! AGH
   - The college I USED to go to took FOREVER getting my transcripts to my new school (I'm changing because the admissions department at my old school is horrible, as you can tell from this story). They forgot to send them two or three times THEN when they finally did send them the admissions dept put in my test scores wrong so I couldn't register for classes at my new school. I then had to call the school I am leaving to find out what they heck is going on and can they send the correct scores. After being transferred 500 gajillion times (seriously, that's exactly how many) I finally was sent back to the place I started and was told to tell my new school that it is, and this is a direct quote, "just how they do it at Collin". Thankfully, my new school made it work some how.
   - The bank I bank at changed their website and reset everyone's passwords. I am now locked out of my account and will have to call my friend that works there because I have no clue what my member or account numbers are.
   - Maizy (my car) failed the emissions part of the state inspection. The NO2 was too high :( Sad day.
   - I was sitting in the living room the other night and George was sitting on the floor in front of me. We both saw a spider crawl in front of him, and like a good kitty he went to attack. Unfortunately the spider was able to scuttle under our entertainment center. George, trying to insure that this spider would not jump out when I walk by starts to look for it, which is great. Except he was looking for it around the fireplace... which is not really near the entertainment center. While George had his back turned the spider, of course, starts to scurry across the floor TOWARDS ME! And like any normal female, I'm yelling at George, "Look George! Here it is!" "Turn around Kitty! Get him!" and when none of those worked I got my flip flop and beat the crap out of the spider and muttered "Stupid, worthless cat." Seriously, how did he manage to catch a bird and 2 bunnies when he can't even get a stupid spider.

Obviously not us on a walk.
But cute none the less.
   - Going on walks with AJ. Seriously, awesome.
   - Sunflower seeds are one of the best parts about summer. Although, the lady whose car I hit when spitting out a seed probably doesn't agree with me. 
   - The movie Crazy, Stupid, Love is kind of awesome. I love it. It has Ryan Gosling shirtless.
   - Got my hairs did. It's pretty. My favorite part is the scalp massage my hair dude gives me while he's washing my hair.

Well, that's my Wonky and Woot-tastic Southern Soapbox. Sorry if it wasn't very eventful and, again, sorry it was late, Good night!

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