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Menu Monday: August 20th- September 3rd 2012

Yes, I know. Where the heck have I been? Answer: A lot of places. I'll do a separate blog post explaining my absence. For now, Menu Monday. I'm aware that you were probably expecting Maizy Music, or maybe you weren't because you really don't pay that much attention. I noticed that not that many people were as interested in Maizy Music, so I will only be doing that every other week, alternating with Menu Monday. What is Menu Monday, you ask? I'm so glad you did!

Menu Monday will occur every other Monday when I make the menu for my family. In this post I will explain every step by step process that goes into me making my menus so you can start making your own! I have grown up with my mom making a menu every payday and using that to form her grocery list. If you're like me, you hate going to the grocery store, menus make it easier to form a detailed list so you don't have to go to the store every day because you forgot something, or because you didn't have anything to make for supper that night. Make sense? It's not very hard so I'm sure you'll catch on! If I can do it, so can you.

Step 1: Gather your resources.

If you're like me, you're always repeating the same dishes over and over and over. You know how to do them, you know exactly how long it will take and there is no chance that you'll screw up and have to start all over again. All very great points when you're tired and don't want to spend forever in the kitchen. Not so great when you're sick of seeing spaghetti every week. So, let's be brave and get out those cook books we never open and pull up all those recipes you pinned thinking "man, I'm going to cook that some day" but never did. It's ok. We've all done it. I think I've cooked one recipe from my Pinterest. Start going through all those recipes. When you come across one you like, scan it, copy it, save it in a computer database, dog ear it.... however you want to mark it. I use a combination of these. I have some saved in a database on my computer but I usually use those little Post-It tabby thingys. Some of my cookbooks are very colorful.

Step 2: Write your menu.

Now you have to write down what recipes you are going to make. Don't forget to write down the sides too! Some people prefer to assign each recipe a day. Like say "Monday: Maegan's Meatloaf, Tuesday: Green Bean Cassarole" etc. I prefer not to, that way if I have a hankerin' for Beef Stir Fry on Monday, I don't have to worry about changing around the days. It's completely up to you though. Make sure you get every part of the meal written down so you know what you need to buy though. If you're going to make appetizer and/or dessert with a meal, write those down too. Also, if you're trying a new recipe from a cookbook or website go ahead and jot down where you found it so you know where to look up the ingredients and the directions. At the end of the "menu making instructions" I will post my menu for the next two weeks. Mind you, you don't have to make your menu for two weeks. Some people make it for a week, some for a whole month (I'm not that brave). It's all up to you!

Step 3: Make your grocery list.

Now you make your grocery list! I start out by just going through each recipe and writing all the ingredients down. If I know for sure that I have it, I leave that off the list, if I'm not sure, I write it down. I know for sure that I have chicken breast, so I left that off the list but I'm not sure if we have rosemary, so I put it on the list. Before I go to the store I will look through my pantry and fridge and cross off, or add anything if needed. I will also go back later and rearrange my grocery list. You don't have to do this but I just find it easier. I rearrange all the items based on the isles of my grocery store. That way as I head down isle one I can find everything I need at the top of my list for that isle. It makes it harder to forget something and then you're not running back and forth because you forgot to pick up some ketchup that was listed some where between milk and steak.

After I list all the ingredients from my menu, and before I rearrange my list, I also list anything we need for breakfast, lunch or snacks or any personal/household items like deodorant or bleach. THEN I rearrange my list. Sorry if this step is confusing.

Now all you have to do is go to the grocery store with your nice complete list!

My Menu: August 20th- September 3rd, 2012

Maegan's Meatloaf
             Pioneer Woman's Mashed Potatoes

             Green Bean Cassarole
             Wild rice

Cheesy Chicken
              Pioneer Woman's Mashed Potatoes
              Salad (or maybe pasta?)

Chicken Enchiladas
              Refried beans
              Mexican Rice

Pasta with meat sauce

CookingLight's Beef Broccoli Stir Fry
              White rice

CookingLight's Italian Seasoned Roast Chicken Breast
               Russet Potatoes

               Homemade fries

Three Cheese Tortellini
               French Bread

French Dip

Baked Penne

If you want recipes to anything I posted (I linked everything I had online) just leave me a comment and I will gladly post it! Most of these recipes are new to me so I will let you know how everything goes!

That's my Southern Soapbox! I hope you enjoyed and have lots of success with your menus! If you have some yummy recipes send them to me! I'm always looking for new stuff!

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