Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday

I know, I know. I've been gone for a month AND this post is a day late. I did actually have all this typed up but I wasn't home to add the pictures so I thought it would be better to just wait, get the pictures in and post it a day late so y'all aren't cheated out of the full WWW experience.

   - I was standing in the shower. I had just shampooed my hair and rinsed it out REALLY well and was moving on to the next step in my shower routine when I froze. My razor was gone. I had thrown it away the night before because it was getting dull and for some STUPID reason I didn't replace it in that moment. I had no razor. I couldn't shave the little stubble that had reemerged under my arms. What was I to do? I seriously stood there, looked at my stubble, looked at where my razor should have been, and looked back at the stubble. I'm fairly certain it was mocking me. My brain was working furiously to navigate around this problem and failing miserably. I looked around trying to find something that would substitute as a razor and came up with zilch. Seriously y'all, I stood there for several minutes before I was able to move on to the next step in my shower routine: washing my face. Is that normal? Probably not.
   - It's sad that I am better at driving than the majority of the people on the road when I'm driving a standard, in traffic, with a hedgehog that has temporarily forgotten it is nocturnal. Prim was climbing ALL over me and I was still able to do the speed limit and stay in my lane AND keep my hedgehog from falling in to some crack only a hedgehog could find.
   - I really really need a laptop. It would make posting on here much easier.
   - Tornadoes

   - Saturday I went to the Dallas Farmer's Market with Mom, Dad, Maegan and AJ. Sadly there weren't a ton of local farmers out but we enjoyed tasting different fruits and veggies and looking at some pretty flowers!

   - Holidays are so much fun! And I don't just mean Christmas and Thanksgiving. Any reason that gets us off work, out of school, eating good food and chillin' with the family is AWESOME! Especially when the weather is nice enough to spend the whole day outside watching a certain 2 year old little boy splash and play. This Memorial Day Maegan, Andrew, AJ, and Ryan came over and we played in the water (well, AJ played, we watched from a safe distance), played bean bag toss (which Maegan and Dad are not very good at) and grilled YUMMY burgers!

   - I LOVE working in my herb garden. When I'm finished I always smell like Basil, Mint, and Rosemary! Who needs perfume when you have an herb garden? I also have some peppers, tomatoes and squash growing in my vegetable garden! YAY I haven't killed any of my plants... yet. Now if only my dog would stop peeing on my Basil...

Well that's it for this Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday! I hope you had a great hump day and I'm sorry this post was late!

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