Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bring on the Rain.... and the flare ups..

Well it finally rained! I was at Ryan's house last Thursday night and ended up spending the night because he was taking Hydrocodone and wasn't sure he would wake up so I stayed there to make sure he woke up for work the next morning. I woke up at 5am because I kept hearing this tapping on the window. You know how when you sleep in a place that isn't home EVERY tiny noise freaks you out? Or maybe it's just me.. but anywho I got up to see what it was and HOLY CRAP!!! There was this wet stuff falling from the sky?! Someone told me it was rain.. I had forgotten what it was it's been so long. It even began thundering! It was amazing!!! Well, I woke up MISERABLE! Ryan went to work and I was going to go home but I was hurting so bad the idea of gripping the steering wheel for 30 minutes and having to sit in one position made me want to die. I ended up taking 2 Aleve and 3 Tylenol PMs.... which of course, did nothing. I was miserable, Ryan was miserable because of his wisdom teeth... we were pretty pathetic. I ended up spending the night again. Sadly, the one person I thought would understand, didn't and that upset me a bit. It was the first time Ryan has ever seen me incapacitated. He was pretty sweet about it. We didn't really have anything that needed to be done so he played on his computer and I watched Netflix.

I have discovered that if I had Rebel and George at the apartment then I would feel much more at home than I do in my actual house. I have been told that it's because "home is where the heart is" and my heart is with Ryan. Also, there is no one there to tell me what to do. Everything is clean and organized(because i'm the one that cleans and organizes lol). I look forward to the day where my home is where my heart is...

Well, that's my southern soapbox for the day :) have a good night!

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