Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's Gettin' Hot In Here!

Holy crap it's HOT! The high yesterday was 108 and the high today is 109! 17 people died the other day due to the heat. It's been disgusting! I was outside last night and it was 99 degrees, AT MIDNIGHT! Whats worse is it felt good lol!
So, Katy and Austin left yesterday to go back to Mississippi. I had fun while they were here! Before they left me, Katy, Austin and Maegan all went to eat at The Twisted Root. I LOVE that place! The burgers there are AMAZING! Mammaw stayed behind to help with Aunt Emily's surgery. She is having a hysterectomy on Friday and I am on Mollie duty. I will be watching Mollie, Emily's daughter, for at least two weeks. I am happy to help but am already a bit stressed because I will probably have to wake up at 5:30am, leave at 6am so I can make the hour drive and get there at 7am when Mollie usually wakes up. Mollie is a great kid but she is VERY energetic and requires a lot of entertainment, which makes for a very tired Julie.

This week I have been watching four kids for 3 hours. I was on my way to work yesterday when Lumpy Larry Lumina (AKA my car) died twice. I was afraid to keep driving it out there because it is mostly one way roads and Larry doesn't have hazard lights. We just got Larry fixed and it is WAY to hot for Dad to get out there and look at it.

Fibro Update
I have been extremely busy this month. I haven't had any big flares but I have been sore lately. My joints have been aching and my shoulders, as always, hurt. I have been falling asleep earlier but when I wake up I am SOO tired! I am sure it won't get better anytime soon but hopefully I won't have any flare ups.

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