Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New semester, new year!

I started my first day back to college yesterday. I had to wake up at 6:50 so I could leave at 7:15. I am soooo not a morning person! Luckily traffic was pretty light and parking wasn't too bad because I was there so early.

My first class, Humanities, starts at 8am. The professor is pretty funny. She plays Halo Reach on a weekly basis and is kind of the female version of Ryan lol. She seemed really nice and I got to know some of the people in my class, which is cool because I don't usually talk to anyone lol. I'm actually kind of looking forward to my humanities class :).

At 9 I go over to the next hall for government. My professor seems very nice. He dumbs down the information so people that are new to the country can understand it so that is really good because I tend to get lost in these kinds of classes. I like him though. He's funny.

My next class is at 10, speech. YUCK! Thankfully it is mostly inter personal speaking so we only have to give 2 formal speeches. Yay! My professor kind of remind me of Jessica Biel. They look nothing alike but they sound very similar. She claims to be very relaxed but based on yesterday, she didn't seem like she was lol. Maybe I'm wrong, we'll see.

My last class is History. I haven't really formed much of an opinion on this professor. He is one of those people that try really hard to be funny which I kind of think is sad. He was obviously never the "popular kid". But he seems nice enough :).

Anywho, other than school all that has been going on is DRAMA.  People need to shut up and stop creating problems where there aren't any. It has been one thing after another for over a month now and I am soooo tired of people messing with me, my family and my friends. Get over yourself!

Oh Ryan has his wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow. I am meeting him after school to take him to get it done. He doesn't act nervous but Ryan doesn't ACT anything... ever. Lol. He is very good at pretending everything is ok. I'm not so good at that lol.

Well I guess I'll get off of here and do something productive, although I'm not sure what that would be since I am babysitting and all the kids are asleep lol. No homework yet either :) WOOT.

Well that's my Southern Soapbox for the day :) have a good night!

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