Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring, is that you?

Yes, I cheated and neither of these pics were taken recently.
Nor were they even taken in Texas.
Dare I jinx it? Yes, I dare. We had some BEAUTIFUL weather this weekend! We have some rain on the way, we need it but I'm really going to miss the beautiful sunshine! It was in the upper 70's all weekend and today it's going to hit 90! Supposedly on Wednesday it's supposed to rain (or so they say. I won't be holding my breath) and then go down to the low 60's. BOO! BUT then it will come back up to the 70's again! YAY! Now that I've completed my weather forecast for the week, let's discuss how amazing my weekend was!
I thought this was funny, and true.
Like I said, the weather was AMAZING (and yes I will keep putting adjectives in capital letters), so I drove around all weekend with the top down on my car (and you can tell because I've got a bit of a sunburn, and a tan line where the seat belt was)! I had lost the keys, and they're still God only knows where, but Dad and I went to get a new set so I'm back in the saddle again! Of course, since I was going to be driving Maizy around with the top down I had to get her all cleaned up. Am I the only one that feels like my car goes faster when it's clean? Probably. 
 Mom had gotten me this little "stuffed" hedgehog toy and while I was cleaning out my car I figured out how to hang it from my rear view mirror! It's not actually made for that, but I made it work anyways. They're "Snuggamils" and are made for ages 4 and up, so I meet that requirement, at least most of the time I do. Ok, some of the time. I also have a sock monkey hanging from my window. I call him my Vincent Van Gogh sock monkey because Jixer chewed off one of his ears. I'm not allowed to discuss how I got the beads (just kidding Mom. I think Maegan gave them to me, no indecency was required).

Brett's R1, Luna.
Saturday was fun, but Sunday was, by far, the best day of the weekend! I spent the entire day with Ryan. We had lunch and coffee, got toys for Jixer and Rebel, which they both destroyed in less than 20 minutes, AND THEN (drum roll please) our friend Brett took me out on his motorcycle again! This is the third time he has taken me out but both of the other trips were only about fifteen minutes long around his neighborhood. This time we went out for about an hour! My wrists were really sore towards the end but other than that it was AMAZING! I'll admit, I was adamantly against Ryan getting one, and I still am concerned for his safety, but I totally get it now. I have now "mastered" leaning in on curves and am much more comfortable sitting back there. It does make me want to write someone about fixing the terrible roads though! They're SO bumpy!!! I'm really looking forward to the next time Brett takes me out (Brett, if you're reading this...hint hint nudge nudge).
The above picture was taken last year (minutes before Ryan wrecked Brett's R6), before I had ever been on a bike, so don't freak out that I'm not wearing a jacket or anything. It makes me look like an alien with really fat cheeks.

Well, I hope y'all had as wonderful of a weekend as I did! That completes this Southern Soapbox, see y'all Wednesday!

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