Friday, April 12, 2013

Fashion Friday: The Eyelet Skirt

Spring is in the air (for now)! I have several different skirts that I have been DYING to wear but every time I actually shave my legs it turns cold again. Maybe I should stop shaving (ew) so spring will finally stick around. Anywho, on to the outfit!

The Eyelet Skirt

Minus the jewelry and the pair of sandals, I own this entire outfit. I just haven't gotten to wear it yet because I keep shaving my legs the weather keeps getting cold.The skirt is SO cute and if you wanted to you could take the belt off and use it with other outfits (you just have to cut a couple of strings, no biggie). I would totally wear this with wedges or flats, depending on what I was doing/where I was going. We all know I love my heels, but I understand that some of y'all prefer cute flats and this could totally work for that too (although heels are almost always better, just sayin'). The shirt, skirt and bracelet are from Kohls, the purse is from Avenue, the wedges are from Steve Madden (and are on MAJOR sale!), flats are from DSW, and the necklace is from Delias so EVERYTHING in this outfit can be easily obtained if you live in the states. If you don't, well that really sucks for you and maybe you should consider moving. The best part about this outfit? The purse is the most expensive thing and is listed for $40, but I actually got mine on sale for $25.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to wear this tomorrow for Ryan's birthday dinner but I have to shave my legs to wear it. So, if there's a sudden change in the forecast you can bet that my legs are as smooth as a babies bottom!

Well, now that we've thoroughly discussed this outfit and my uncanny ability to change the weather, that's my Southern Soapbox! Hope you liked it!

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