Saturday, July 30, 2011

Family insanity

My grandmother and two cousins, Austin and Katy are in town! Life is never boring when they are around. They got in yesterday and we just hung around the house and played games but today Katy and I had fun!

Austin woke me up, which I wasn't totally thrilled about but whatever. I watched a little bit of TV and then Katy and I went over to Ryan's apartment to let Jixer out. Thank god I went there because he hadn't done the dishes. So while I did the dishes Katy wrote on Ryan's mirror in dry-erase marker and hid a champagne glass in his bed. Yes, I know that's weird, and yes, that's the point. Maegan, my sister, had called earlier and asked if we would come play with AJ while she cleaned, we, of course, accepted.

Before we headed over to Maegan's house, Katy and I decided to stop and get something to eat. We were going over to Subway by Ryan's apartment and drove by Chicago's Gourmet Pizza. YUMMM! We quickly decided that eating fresh was over rated and that pizza was a MUCH better plan. Sorry Jared. This place was AMAZING! We basically got a supreme pizza but instead of mushrooms we got pineapple. It was the best pizza we have EVER had! Definitely going back! We ate a 6 slice pizza with only one left over! (It was my piece that was left over, I'm sad to say).
HUGEEE Dr Pepper!

On our way to Maegan's house Katy saw an interesting car. We spent at least 5 minutes trying to get a picture of the sign on the side of the drivers door! It was so random and funny that I was passing cars trying to keep up with him. Several minutes and about 6 pictures and a video later we got our shot! I know you can't read it but it says "Paranormal Society Investigators". We thought it was really random and were determined to get a picture lol. I don't think the guy noticed lol.

So we eventually made it to Maegan's house and helped her clean because AJ was napping. We got a lot done! Maegan had seen these new nail thingys somewhere and wanted us to try them so she and Katy went to CVS to find them while I stayed with AJ. The nail things are SOOO COOL! I recommend all you ladies try them. They're little sheets of nail polish that you stick on your nail. They're supposed to last for a while and they look really cool! I was going to post a picture of it but for some reason my phone won't let me email it to myself so I will have to post it another time :(. Anywho these things are really cool!

Apparently today was a day for weird car experiences or something. We were on our way home from Ryan's apartment (we went back over there after being at Maegan's) when we saw this nice Toyota SUV or something like that change lanes. They turned on their blinker, which most people don't bother doing, and they changed lanes. Wellll the crappy Civic behind them changed lanes at the EXACT same time they did. At first I thought it was a coincidence but then it happened 3 more times. It was kinda creepy but at the same time rather funny, what in the world was this person doing? They weren't tailgating the Toyota or anything like that, just changing lanes exactly when the Toyota did. Obviously the Toyota got freaked out and acted like he was going to turn onto a different road, but didn't end up turning. I was going to do it to the Civic but he turned into a neighborhood before I had the chance :(. It was SOOO COOL! I wish that we had videoed it!

OK, well that's my Southern Soapbox for the day. Have a good night y'all!

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