Friday, October 7, 2011


So ya I know I said I would post the other day but I didn't really have anything to say and I didn't end up making anything for supper. Me, Ryan, Meagan(the friend,  not the sister) and my neighbor Laramie were all over at the house and we just ended up ordering pizza since there isn't much to cook here. We had gone out looking for shoes for Meagan(idk what they were thinking taking me into a shoe store.. but shockingly i didn't buy anything :( sad day) since she got a new job YAY! I so need to get a real job but I SOOOO don't want to. I love being around my kiddos and really really don't want to do anything else.

Anywho, I think I have decided to take over cooking at my house. My mom doesn't cook very often which means we end up eating junk which is starting to show... and I need more practice in the kitchen anyways. I found some REALLY yummy recipes while I was over at my sister Maegan's house and I REALLY want to try them out! I need to clean out the fridge and pantry but I hate doing that, but as usual I am the only one that will. It doesn't take very long for boxes to end up on the floor and things just get shoved in where ever it is convenient for someone to put them. It drives me NUTS. What is so difficult about putting something back where it belongs? Last night I went to get a towel from my linen closet and someone had shoved a towel right on top of a blanket. First of all, my linen closet is LABLED in the hopes that people would put things where they go, 2nd why would you put a towel with a blanket? It makes no sense. GAH!

Ok, moving on. Like I said I was at my sister's house last night :). I got to play with my little nephew! He is getting SO big, and mischievous. While I was looking through the Cooking Light magazines AJ came up and wanted to read too. I told him "no" and he shook his head and said "no" then started touching them again. I told him "no" again and he shook his head. When that didn't work I swatted his hand. He just looked at me and shoot his head no lol. THEN the little stinker... as he was touching the magazine he was shaking his head no. What a little toot. He's going to be a trouble maker. I went over there to give him a bath because Maegan can't right now because she's sick, but that's a long story. The entire time he was in the bathtub he was playing with his little boy parts. Man that kid must feel no pain because he can pull on that thing like nothing I've ever seen before... OUCH! Anywho, I am going back over there this evening to spend the night and hang out with my saster :). We are going to watching Hello Dolly... because we are just that cool :D.

Well that's my Southern Soapbox for the day :) Have a good one!

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