Monday, October 24, 2011

Where to begin?

Man it has been a crazy two weeks! Let's see. I'll start with the most important thing and work my way down the list lol.

On Monday, the 17th my mom got a phone call from my Aunt Kathy. She has been on the liver transplant list for almost a year now and her condition was starting to get pretty serious. The doctors had been trying to get her onto a 2nd list in the hopes that between the two lists she would end up with a new liver. Well thankfully, God heard out prayers because at 4:40am on Monday Aunt Kathy was on her way to New Orleans to get her new liver! She has done fantastically well! She moved into an apartment that is right next door to the hospital and even went to Wal Mart today (I hate walmart but I guess it's better than nothing?). Mom should get to come home on Thursday. She had to be there because she is Aunt Kathy's power of attorney. So YAY for new livers!

2nd most important thing: New Shoes!!! I will HOPEFULLY be getting these boots as a late birthday present from my parents. If not, then the card shall read "To: Me    From: Me... since no one else got me anything" :D. It's only fair right? They are SOOO CUTE! Oh, and to go with my new shoes I have some shocking news.... I bought... jeggings. Yes world Julie Stevenson is now the owner of skinny jeans AND jeggings. The world must be ending. I have never liked jeggings, I always thought they were stupid but I tried them on and they make my butt look awesome and they would look AMAZING with my new boots... that I don't have yet... don't judge me.

I took my mom to Teavana and we HAD to buy some tea. We got 2 different kinds to help you sleep, one that is a blueberry raspberry blend and another one that is to help you wake up(it has the same amount of caffeine as coffee) The teas that help you sleep are white teas and they aren't my favorite but I love the other two!

And last on my list is a Fibro update!
It's been a while since I've said anything about my FM. I had a flare up the week of the 10th. It was one of my worst ones since I finished high school. We had a cold front move through and with that front of course comes rain. And with rain comes pain. My hands and feet and everything in between ached. I slept for pretty much the entire week. It was pretty bad. After that my days and nights were completely backwards. I was going to sleep at about 6am and waking up at noon. I ended up taking a sleeping pill Monday night to get things back on track. The last few days I have been REALLY tired. We had some more rain come through yesterday but it didn't cause a flare up, but maybe it is causing me to be more tired? I don't know. I can only speculate.

Oh, and I gave a speech about FM. I ended up having to do research on the topic. I found it somewhat irritating reading what all doctors say about this illness because it makes it VERY apparent that the majority of them don't listen to us, the patients. I have more or less given up on doctors. I'm tired of being told that I'm lying, or being a guinea pig. For now I will just complain on here and live with it. Besides, all they do is drug me and then tell me I'm lying when I tell them the meds didn't do anything.

Well, that's my Southern Soapbox for the day.

P.S. Rangers have ONE MORE WIN to win the world series! So excited!

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