Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Birthdays and things...

Well Monday was my 20th birthday, it was also my mom's birthday :). It was extremely busy so we didn't actually celebrate. I have been sick since Friday so I was still recovering on Monday and my sister got REALLY sick, they are now thinking that she might have Crohns disease, but at the time they thought she had appendicitis. Anywho, Mom and I ended up watching AJ while Maegan's hubby took her too the doctor. I haven't gotten any presents, I'm not sure if that's because we were too busy or b/c no one got me anything but whatever lol. 

I never went to sleep on Monday night. I'm not really sure why but I couldn't so I went over to Ryan's to have breakfast at about 7am. I went to sleep on the couch while he cleaned lol and then I woke up around 1pm and we went to the grocery store. I made a menu for the next two weeks and am going to be trying a new recipe, Apple Chicken. The original recipe was Apricot Chicken, not apple, but Ryan didn't want apricot so.. we're gunna hope apple will work lol. I also have White Chili on the menu and a few other things. I'll post them as I make them and let you know how it turns out :). 

OHHHH Mannnn I was so angry when I got home and came into my room! So when I left to go to Ryan's this morning I was a nice mommy and let Rebel stay in my room, as opposed to kenneling him(which would cause him to bark and wake Mom up and blah blah blah). So apparently he got bored and this is what he decided to do to pass time. I am still FURIOUS. This is the puppy that Ryan gave me on our 6 month(?) anniversary.. I think... lol. Anywho, yes I do sleep with it. I was so angry that I cried, and yes, I'm aware that is stupid but my stupidity didn't stop there. I felt the need to express to someone that I was so upset about this that it actually caused me to cry... so what did I do? I called someone... Who did I call you might ask? The one person that couldn't care less... Ryan. He, of course, totally did not get why I was so upset(honestly, neither did/do I but GRR MEN!). Why the heck did I call RYAN of all people? "Babe Rebel ate the nose off my puppy you gave me" Ryan's response: "Well, I guess we won't be using him as a drug dog now." Clever, and funny now but it made me mad at the time... Anywho ya..

Fibro update: So, as I already mentioned I haven't been sleeping very much and I've been sick. I haven't had any major flare ups lately but a cold front came through a week or so ago, I think and that did cause me to get pretty achy but nothing too bad. I hurt for a few days but not so much that I couldn't go to class or anything. I need to start exercising more but I am SOOOO not motivated to do anything lol. I need a walking buddy :/.

Well, that's my Southern Soapbox for the day. I'll let you know what I make for supper tomorrow night :) Good night!

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