Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Busy Busy Bumblebee

I know, I know. I haven't been on here in several days. I've been rather busy this past week. Between school, work, and Mom/Maegan I'm hardly ever home. Not that I'm complaining. I like being busy.

School has been going pretty well. My professors are pretty cool. My English professor is going to bring us tacos at some point lol. She's pretty funny, and random. My sociology professor is from some where in the south, which I gathered from her THICK southern accent. Not as thick as the majority of the people in my family but not many people are that southern.

I went shopping today! Mom and I went to Delia's and I bought CUTE stuff! I got three adorable skirts and some shirts too. I got a t-shirt that says "Bazinga" on it bahahaha. Then we met Maegan for lunch and McAlisters. YUM!! Maegan has decided she's going to dress more sophisticated so we went over to the GAP(after making a trip back to her car because she for got her gift cards). Mom and I dropped Maegan off at her car and headed over to the cross stitch store. I have decided to take up cross stitching, we'll see how long it lasts. I was thinking and realized that I don't really have any talents, except for shopping(my mother pointed that one out) and horse back riding. Both of which I can't afford to do, so cross stitching it is. Although I must say, cross stitching isn't all that cheap either). Since I spent the day shopping I had to go out to Ryan's house to shop him all the cute stuff that I got and we ate the left over stir fry I made Monday night.

Speaking of stir fry.... I made stir fry Monday night. I know everyone goes oh YUM! But seriously.. that was the most emotionally draining thing I've done in a LONG time. Who knew cooking could take so much mental energy? Well, for normal people it doesn't but you're stuck with me and we all know I'm not normal. Anywho... I was all excited to make my stir fry. I had gone to store and bought my steak and veggies and came home to look for my recipe.. and couldn't find it! We looked EVERYWHERE and didn't find it! I was mad and sad and annoyed and then I had a little mental break down... over a recipe... and being fat. Which I know I'm not fat but whatever, I'm female and when we females don't know why we're upset we just say it's because we're fat(I don't actually think that's true but it makes me feel better so I typed it anyways... I'm crazy, sue me). Anywho, I never did find the recipe but my friends mom, who gave me the recipe to begin with, texted me a picture of it and saved the day! It was totally yum!!!!

Ok well, that's all I can really think of for now so good night!

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