Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday

It's hump day! I hope y'all have been having a great week!

   - I have been trying to go to the gym every day, starting this week. So far so good, but that doesn't mean I ENJOY going. Once I get there it's not so bad and once I'm finished I'm really glad I went but the "pep talk" leading up to going is actually really depressing. It goes something like this. "Don't you want to be all fit and good looking? Like Katherine Heigl!" Then I realize that I will probably never look like Katherine Heigl and then all I want to do is eat ice cream and Oreos. Probably best to avoid the "pep talks" and just go to the gym huh?
   - I usually go to the gym at night because I'm too lazy to get up in the morning and go and also then I can go home, shower, relax and go to bed. The downfall to this time slot is it is also apparently when all the stupid teenager (they may not be teens but they act like them) boys decide to go to the gym too. That wouldn't be a problem if they actually worked out but instead they just play on the equipment and hoot and holler at each other. Thankfully they're smart enough to leave me alone.
   - I really do think you should have to take a test to become a parent. There are some total idiots running around that are actually responsible for raising good, productive citizens. We're all screwed.
   - The news is the most depressing thing EVER! Does anything good ever get reported? No. Not once. I don't watch the news simply for that reason.
   - Any time I mention babies, or anything related to babies people always think I'm pregnant. It's really starting to drive me INSANE! No, I am not pregnant. I work with kids for a living. I'm around them ALL THE TIME so odds are, I'm going to mention them from time to time. And the reason I go to baby stores is because I have a nephew that is 2 years old. Believe me, if I were pregnant (which I won't be for a while) posting a picture of me in a baby store, or saying something about holding a baby is not how I would announce it. So until you see me or hear me say "I am pregnant" I AM NOT PREGNANT! Thanks!

   - I got TWO pairs of new shoes yesterday! They were on sale for $30 each, and considering they're Steve Madden's that's an amazing deal! So I got two pairs of shoes for just over $60! YAY ME... now to find an excuse to wear them!
   - I am now on Tumblr and Instagram. My Instagram "name" is JulieAnne1991. I haven't totally figured out how to work either one of those things, especially Instagram, so wish me luck!
   - RaceTrack coffee is actually really really good. They are pretty much the only local place that I can buy from since I don't drink Starbucks anymore. Also, you can get a 24oz coffee from RaceTrack or QuickTrip for less than $2 (including taxes). I'm pretty sure Starbucks tall coffee isn't even that cheap lol.

   - Ryan gave me permission to decorate his apartment! He has been living there for a year and has literally nothing on the walls. Nothing. So I found the picture above at Bed Bath and Beyond. It's street names in Dallas! Mockingbird Lane, Lovers Lane, Dallas North Tollway and tons of other popular street names here in Dallas. My idea is to find pictures of popular bars in Dallas and from them around this picture. If that is too hard then I'll do major landmarks in Dallas. I also have a surprise that I am having a great friend work on for another "art project"! I am SO EXCITED for Ryan to see it! It will hopefully be ready next week so I will post pictures of it after Ryan sees it! SO EXCITED!!!!!!
   - This probably should go under "wonky" because it's a little odd but it's "woot-tastic" too. Maegan and I have been watching Supernatural together. I have already watched all the seasons and am waiting for season 8 to start (on my birthday!). In the meantime I have been watching with Maegan, but we aren't always together when we watch. Instead, we call each other say "1..2...3..GO" and on "GO" we push play. Yes, we watch Supernatural together through the phone. We are that awesome.
   - The music in Monday's Maizy Music post was pretty much awesome. I really enjoyed doing the research for American Pie. It's really interesting to see other people's interpretations of the music!

Well, that's it for my Southern Soapbox! I hope you enjoyed! I am off to the gym (without a pep talk)!

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