Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wonky and Woot-tasitc Wednesday

It's Wednesday! Congrats we've made it through half the week!

   - This heat is going to kill me! Seriously, it's ridiculous. What's even more sad, is this is much cooler than it usually is. Gotta love Texas.
   - I really think that Rebel has brain damage. He was looking at his tail, then wagging it... and then seemed totally shocked that it was moving.
   - I went over to my sisters so she could get some stuff off my laptop. I drove all the way there, went to grab my laptop out of my car and realized... it was still sitting by the front door at my house.
   - I got sick at Ryan's apartment and he saw me throw up... who said after 5 years we didn't have any more "firsts"? It was horrible.
   - This whole Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson thing is annoying. Seriously, is anyone even surprised? I would be more shocked to actually see the chick change expressions or close her mouth. Now that would make the headlines! (Sorry, was that too mean?)

   - I ordered my "Bring Lila Home" shirt and it should be here today or tomorrow! The money from the shirts is going to some dear dear friends of ours to fund the adoption of a little girl from India! The shirts are adorable. Click here to check them out and here to see their blog and keep up with their story! I can't wait to meet her!
   - Mom, Maegan, Aunt Emily and I are all going into business together. We've started the process of opening up a wedding/event planning business. We had our very first business meeting Monday morning. WOOT!
   - I really have the best kitty ever. He like to cuddle, he greets us at the door and he even sits by the door and waits for me to get home late at night. You can't really do anything to make him bite or scratch you. I don't even think I've heard him hiss at someone (Rebel doesn't count). He's pretty awesome.
   - Speaking of awesome, Ryan is pretty awesome too. He took care of me while I was all gross and unattractive and even turned on Supernatural to make me feel better. True love <3.

Well, that's my Southern Soapbox. Sorry, no pictures this week :(. See y'all Friday!

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