Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday

It's FINALLY Wednesday. I thought this day would never arrive!


   - Oh where to begin.... Mom had surgery on her hand, which would be why I haven't been posting this week (last week was spring break so that explains that). She had a bone removed from her thumb and a ligament taken from her forearm and grafted into her thumb. It sounds super painful because it is. Don't worry though, it has it's entertaining moments. 
   - To go along with the whole surgery thing... Mom is pretty much completely helpless. She can't really use her left hand at all, which means she requires assistance with EVERYTHING. She went to the potty and dropped the toilet paper, so Dad had to go pick it up. She can't dress herself so Dad and I have to do that, and the really exciting part... she needs help getting in and out of the shower (thankfully she can semi-sort-of-not-really bathe herself). I have managed to help with ALL of these things without any unfortunate glances at anything that might require counseling for the next few years rest of my life. I consider this to be a pretty awesome victory but it's also really sad that I'm genuinely excited by this feat. Sorry for over sharing but y'all are just going to have to get used to that for the next few weeks.
   - So, synthetic division.. not actually that hard. Although if you're really bad at math AND your professor is from Belarus AND she starts explaining it in the middle of the "method"... it is REALLY confusing! I've basically stopped listening to her and just teach myself everything now. If I get stuck my awesome friend, Brett, or his mom (she's a math teacher and always makes things make sense... who woulda thunk it.. math making sense!) help me out. I love them.
   - Ryan is SUPPOSEDLY going to Pennsylvania. Or so his bosses keep saying, although he was supposed to go like 2 weeks ago... then last week... then Friday, then Saturday. Now he's going next Saturday morning and I will be taking care of Jixer. And my mom. And going to school. Fun times.
   - People keep using "irregardless" and actually think they're correct. IT'S NOT A WORD! Yes, it's in the dictionary but then again so is "ain't". Also, the dictionary will tell you that the correct word is "regardless". Stop saying "irregardless". Thank you.
   - So, try to follow me on this one. If you jump down and read the first "woot-tastic" point... ok.. so, when that happens and then you have some annoying old grandma, or idiot on their cell phone, that is in front of you going REALLY slow and ruining your fun. That really irks me. Also, when did people start disregarding "turn only" lanes? I've had like 5 people decide that they didn't want to turn and totally cut me off, or nearly run into me. Seriously people. Do the speed limit and pay attention to signs!

   - When you're driving down a long stretch of road that has managed to stay untouched by red lights and stop signs AND it has a fairly decent speed limit... that really makes me excited. Added bonus.. when there are a lot of turns in said road. Supper added bonus... it's a road that most cops don't go down (even they appreciate that sometimes you just need to have a little fun in your little red sports car.. very kind of them. Thank you Mr. Policeman). Those are the roads that I enjoy having my top down, radio blasting and just have some fun.

Brett's bike (I stole this picture from his FB, thanks man! lol)

  - My spring break was pretty much awesome. We stayed home and I spent A LOT of time with mine and Ryan's friend, Brett. I probably spent more time with him, without Ryan, in that one week than I have for then entire 6 years that I've known him. Sad huh? Anywho, he took me out on his motorcycle (stop having heart palpitations, we were perfectly safe)... twice. It was SO FUN! Loved it! We also had a super fun campfire and went and looked at the condo he's going to be moving into.
Bad picture of me... Sorry. We were cooking our steaks! YUM!
   - This also happened on spring break, and with Brett... he took me and a friend of ours dancing! He taught us how to 2-step and Waltz (at least I think that's what we did) either way, it was TONS of fun.. although I am absolutely terrible at it. Poor Brett's toes were probably sore by the end of the night.
   - If you have never had Angry Orchard... you're missing out. It's amazing. It's a hard apple cider and it is AMAZEBALLS! Add popcorn and M&Ms to that and you have the perfect evening!
   - Maegan just called me and AJ pee peed in the potty for the second time ever!!! GOOOO MONKEY! Sad that he's getting so big but proud too!

Well, that's my Wonky and Woot-tastic Southern Soapbox! I hope y'all enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. I love you and don't know where Belarus is!?!?! That makes me crazy and dumb :)

    Aunt Em

  2. It's near Russia. It's ok I didn't know exactly where it was either until she told us lol.