Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday

Happy Wednesday. If such a thing exists.

    - My English professor. Ugh. She's annoying. She yells a lot. At eight in the morning. Eight. In the morning. This is not ok. Ever. Maybe if someone is about to get trampled by a herd of cattle. Maybe then. Maybe.

    - ALL of this just for one little evening trip to babysit. The kids I babysit have fallen in love with Prim and I'm pretty sure if I ever show up there without her they would lock me in a closet for eternity. Anywho, just for a 3-4 hour babysitting job from about 6-9 or 10pm I take: 2 blue surgical towels (for messes), her pink fleece blanket (snuggling/staying warm), 4 wet ones (also for messes), food/water dish with food (do I really need to explain this one?), a snuggle bag with a strap so I can carry it like a purse, a sheet (to put on the floor if she wants to run around), and her car carrier. I don't take all of this with me EVERY time I take her out. If she's with me just running around town I usually just have her blanket, some surgical towels and her snuggle bag, which she's usually inside of, but still, that's A LOT of stuff for a little critter!

    - Prim's new wheel came in. Yes, this would normally be a "woot-tastic" kind of thing. But there are a few "wonky" things about this wheel. One being how extremely excited I have been about this piece of plastic. Seriously. It was like Christmas morning people. Volcano View Hedgehogs has wonderful products and their wheel is no exception! This thing is SO QUIET it kept me awake. Which leads me to "wonky part number 2" about this wheel. Last night was her first night with her new wheel and I kept waking up because it was too quiet. No joke. I need help. Also, please excuse the poops in the second picture. Prim would be very embarrassed if she knew I posted this.
    - No idea how this got by the door, AJ hadn't come over yet so it wasn't him, but I thought it was pretty funny that even the stuffed dogs want out of the house.
    - All my shows are on a hiatus. They need to come back!

    - Here in the great state of Texas, we eat snow cones year round! Bahama Bucks may be my new favorite snow cone place!
    - I suspect I know who these belong to but... it's wonderful to turn around at church to see an American Girl Doll and two hedgehogs waiting for the service to begin!
     - I finally got my Keurig! It was on sale at Target! So far I've tried the dark chocolate hot chocolate, the hazelnut, english breakfast black tea and the chai latte. They're all pretty good but the hazelnut coffee is more "coffee-e" than I hoped for. I'm a wiener with my coffee.
    - Ignore the bad picture of me. The point is more that it was SO pretty out Monday that I had the top down on Maizy! WOO HOO! The high Monday was 88 degrees! it is now 50. BOO.

     - I LOVE this dog. His name is Reuben and he goes to work with his daddy, who is actually the dad of Ryan's old co-workers' wife (did you get that?). He's SO SWEET! I played fetch with him while we waited for Ryan's glasses.

        - Speaking of sweet, adorable little critters.... Prim's pretty much adorable.

Well, that's my Wonky and Woot-tastic Southern Soapbox! See y'all later!

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