Friday, March 29, 2013

Fashion Friday: Easter Sunday

I don't know if it's a "southern thing" or if everyone does this but around Easter time my mom always took my sister and I shopping for our Easter dresses. You always bought a dress for Easter, and you pretty much only wore it once. I still buy an Easter outfit to wear on Sunday morning but now I actually make sure I can wear it for more than just that one occasion.

Easter Sunday

I LOVE this yellow maxi skirt! It's so flowy and colorful! I did have a hard time deciding what to do for a top. Since the bottom is SO colorful I thought it best to keep the top very simple and clean and add some more pop with jewelry and shoes. I think the turquoise color looks really nice with the yellow. The bag... I actually just got that bag today! It was 30% off and was already REALLY cheap! WOOT!

Well, that's my Southern Soapbox. Enjoy your Easter and remember to thank God for sending His son to give the ultimate sacrifice and grant us eternal life. What a wonderful gift He has given us!

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