Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fashion Friday: Green and brown

I really wish our weather would make up its mind. Hot cold hot cold hot cold. PICK ONE! Last week I was wearing shorts and tank tops, this week I'm trying not to freeze while I'm wearing a Parka. Ok, maybe I'm being a tad bit dramatic with the whole Parka thing but you get my point. This outfit is perfect for fall or spring. It gives just enough warmth for those 50-60 degree days (or in my case 60-70 degree days because I'm a total wiener when it comes to the cold) but not so much that you'll cook inside.

Green and brown for fall


I LOVE this green vest! It's so cute! The bag is a tad bit on the small side, or at least for me it is, but I love all the pockets and I actually own those boots so, of course, I think they're FAB! As my sisters would say (and believe me, it pains me that she says this), this outfit is totes adorbs. Thank you Maegan, now you are corrupting the integrity of my blog with your horribly disgusting slang.

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