Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bountiful Basket

How much do you spend on produce in a week? $30-$50 maybe? What if you could get produce for $15? Wouldn't that be awesome! You could have nice, yummy, healthy fruit and veggies and not break the bank! AND what if most of it was locally grown, or at least regional? Sign me up, Jack!

Well, I did sign up! For Bountiful Baskets! It's a great little co-op type program where you order your basket on Monday or Tuesday then pick it up at a location near you on Saturday for only $15 (or $25 if you want organic). You get a good 50/50 mix of fruits and veggies that at least fill up a decent sized laundry basket! I HIGHLY recommend checking it out!

The Loot:
2 heads of romaine lettuce
1 bunch of spinach
2 bunches of broccoli
1 acorn squash
1 pint of mini bell peppers
1 pint of mini heirloom tomatoes
2 giant zucchinis
7 apples (only 5 are pictured because Dad and I got hungry)
6 oranges, and
7 bananas

All for $21.50 (there is a $3 charge for your first basket, which is used to buy extra baskets for the fruit and veggies to be sorted into and in Texas we have a $3 handling fee. Every state has the handling fee but it varies depending on where you live). Not too bad for $18!

I can't wait to make my menu for the next week! If you're interested in participating in Bountiful Baskets you should click here. If you have questions I will do my best to answer them just leave a comment!

Happy Saturday and I hope you enjoyed this Southern Soapbox!


  1. Great pics! :-) I've heard of them before. Cody and I definitely need to sign up.

    1. Thanks!!! So far I really like them! I'm sure if I get any add ons this time around I'll need people to split them with (like 40lbs of apples lol) so maybe you can partake in some of mine too. Let me know if you sign up!!!