Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Where the heck have I been?

Normally this is Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday but I'm going to try to recap the last few months to catch everyone up on the highlights of my super exciting life (please note sarcasm).

Woah! Where have I been?! A little bit of everywhere! We have had a busy busy last few months. So, here are the highlights. Or at least the ones I can remember.

My first "real" photo shoot. I went with my friend,
Marissa, and got some cute stuff!
I am still sticking with my photography and actually got a new lens and flash for Christmas! I am going Sunday to talk to my friend over at Marissa Ann Photography to set up a contract and get the ball rolling on becoming a legit photography business! Definitely still building my portfolio and gaining experience but it's exciting to enter into this phase! WOOT!

I JUST signed up for Bountiful Baskets and am ridiculously excited to pick up my first basket on Saturday! You pay $15 (or $25 if you prefer organic) for a bunch of fruit and veggies! From the pictures I've seen, you get A LOT for your money! I'll definitely be posting pictures of my loot when I pick my basket up!

Maegan is pregnant! She's having a baby girl in June!!! I'm going to have a niece! AJ has named the baby Mater, from Cars.

Prim and Ivy are still alive and well!

I am still looking for a job. Why is it so flipping hard to find a job? It's seriously ridiculous. I have a few applications out so hopefully we'll hear back soon! One of them I'm actually really excited about! Fingers crossed!

Ryan and I are still together, and happy... and weird.

Alright, sadly, that's all I can really think of! I hope y'all have a Happy Hump Day and have enjoyed this Southern Soapbox! See y'all Friday for Fashion Friday!