Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas break!

Christmas break is officially here! For those of you who know me personally, you know that I LOVE Christmas! Really, I love any holiday but Christmas especially. In my family we go ALL OUT for this fantastic holiday! Because there are so many of us, we draw names. Whomever you get, is who you buy for as far as the extended family goes. So for example if I draw Aunt Sue's name (there is no one in my family named Sue so that is NOT who I got! lol) then I will buy things for Aunt Sue's Christmas, but that doesn't mean I don't buy for other people. I still get my parents and sister a gift too. And usually I will get my grandparents something too. I will admit, my favorite person to shop for is my Aunt Kathy. I got her name last year and had a BLAST! She loves jewelry so I got to spend a lot of time at Charming Charlie, which I LOVE!!!! Haha. It's really fun buying things and figuring out what they like. Gift cards are a total bore and I hate them! I like putting thought into the gifts that I'm giving. No, they aren't always serious gifts or things that you need. They are, however, always gifts that I put a lot of thought into. My favorite presents are the kind that MEAN something to me and that person. Anywho...

Another of my favorite traditions for Christmas is putting up our Christmas tree (which we haven't done. Well, that's not true. The tree is up, in the wrong room... and it's not decorated lol.). Hopefully we will get it moved into our TV room/den/whatever you want to call that room and have it decorated by the end of tomorrow... fingers crossed. Me, my mom, my dad and my sister used to all gather around the tree and arrange the ornaments just so. You can't leave any "holes" or mom will yell at you lol. We usually decorate the tree while we listen to Christmas music and try not to step on the dogs, and keep the cat from scaling the tree (which is a very feeble attempt, but we try).

Usually, a few days before Christmas we all pile in the car, with cokes and popcorn, and go look at Christmas lights! I LOVE looking at Christmas lights!!! We hit up the fire station because they do a show and then head over to one of the "rich" neighborhoods to see the lights they have put up (or have paid to have put up, but w/e they're pretty). Then we head on over to Frisco Square for another light show!

You thought this was a lot? I haven't even told you about Christmas Eve or Christmas Day! Haha.. stay tuned to see what we do on Christmas Eve and day!

That's my Southern Christmas Soapbox! Good night y'all!

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