Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday

Yes, it's a little late.. but better late than never! So here it goes!


- I only have one day left for the semester! My last final is Friday! So excited to get the Christmas break STARTED!!!!
- The Vampire Diaries is totally woot-tastic. I'm sorry.. but it is. And even more woot-tastic is that I've gotten my mom AND sister addicted to it! My mom and I are going to watch season 3 tomorrow (well.. technically it's today but ya...) and yes, I'm kind of obsessed..
- The love of my life... we spend most of the day together today :). Even after four years I still get excited when I know I'm going to get to see him. I hope I never loose that feeling.


This picture.... yes, that's a desktop.. in a coffee shop (Saxbys is AMAZEBALLS!) One of the guys that works there brought his desktop to work to play games on lol. Apparently laptops aren't good enough for him

If you will notice all the critters featured in this picture. Rebel, the giant grey dog at the top of the picture. Next to him is George, the cat, and then there is Martin, the little dog at the bottom of the picture. They were all laying in my bed when I went to go to sleep last night. Normally, Martin doesn't sleep with me but since it has been so cold he has been bunking with me, Rebel and George. My bed gets crowded at night.

- So, according to my mother "In 1692 Columbus sailed the ocean blue". That is exactly what she said... she's close, only missing it by 2 centuries.

Well, that's my Southern Soapbox for the night. Hopefully will post something tomorrow.

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