Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday

... or Thursday. Sorry I'm late. Busy day yesterday.

   - I knew there was a reason my sister and I go to the gym at 2pm instead of 7:30pm. While there aren't a lot of people at the gym at night, there are A LOT less at 2 in the afternoon. At night you get the really dedicated men that huff and puff and grunt. It's REALLY awkward for me and my sister to be lifting out little 5 pound weights and then look over to see this GIANT dude benching like 200 pound all the while grunting and sweating and swearing under his breath. AWKWARD
   - I was in the shower the other night and I had an itch, so I scratched it. From that one scratch I ended up making myself bleed. Who knew my skin was so sensitive? It probably didn't help that the water was really hot :D.
   - I went over to my sisters the other day for some girl time and her husband came home for dinner (he works the night shift). I got up to do something and Andrew informed me that the PJ's I had worn over there were a tad bit see through. He could see my black undies through the light blue fabric of my pants.... opps. At least I only went to my sisters house...

   - Ryan is on this motorcycle kick. He has taken the course to get his license, gotten a helmet and jacket, now he is looking for a bike. Last Thursday Ryan was off work and we went to look at bikes together. There are some really nice ones. Hopefully he finds one that he likes and isn't too expensive. (This is mostly his woot, since I'm convinced that there is a reason hospitals call them Donor Cycles... but ya..)
   - I love how when I hold kids they fit perfectly in my lap and arms. It makes me smile.
   - When I wake up Rebel and George are usually still in bed with me. Rebel is to the right of me all curled up as close as he can get to me, while George is wedged at the foot of the bed praying that either I don't kick him, or that Rebel doesn't trample him we get up. Usually Rebel doesn't actually get out of bed until I'm almost ready to leave. I love my babies :D.

Sorry no pictures on this post :( I've been lazy.

That's my Southern Soapbox for the day! Sorry it's late!

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