Monday, February 27, 2012

Catch up!

Sorry I was MIA this past week. I know today is supposed to be "5 Things" day but other than my aunt's birthday party, this weekend was pretty boring. So instead I'll tell you what's been up, but first... I had said that I would tell y'all about my 2 Valentine's days!

Valentine's Day #1:
On Monday, the day before Valentine's Day, I decided to surprise Ryan with one of his favorite meals. I went over to his apartment and made roast, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls YUM! He was surprised and happy :D. THEENN we went to see The Vow, which by the way, is a cute movie! That was our Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day #2:
Last year we started a tradition. Ryan, Juan and I took the dogs up to the park and ate Chicken Express in the parking lot, then went for a walk with the dogs. That was our Valentine's Day. So, this year we continued the tradition. We didn't go to the park, and we added an extra guest but it was fun. Ryan, Juan, Brett and I all ate Chicken Express at Ryan's apartment and then watched Underworld Awakening (not nearly as good as the first three movies, but whatever). I had three Valentines and we all had fun.

Now, onto what kept me away last week. One word. Cleaning. I made up a cleaning schedule and was so busy last week starting it that I didn't get time to come on here.

If you're curious as to what my cleaning schedule is... you're in luck! I'm going to tell you!

Vacuum main rooms (not bedrooms)
Laundry day (I hate laundry)
Tidy house (never leave a room empty handed)

Clean bathrooms (toilets, mirrors, bathtub/shower, wash rugs/shower curtain, floors etc)

Wipe down all surfaces (counters, microwave, stove, fridge, tables, end tables, banister, doors, ceiling fans etc)
Vacuum/Sweep/Mop all floors (including bedrooms)
Clean liter box
Take out trash (our garbage man comes Thursday)

Laundry catch up day/clean Laundry room
Clean out/organize something (a drawer, a closet, car etc)

Vacuum main rooms (not bedrooms)
Tidy house (never leave a room empty handed)
Pick up outside (backyard, trash etc)

I also do dishes ever day, of course. Every morning I unload the dishwasher and every night I load and run it. I also wipe down the stove top every night after supper to make sure there isn't any food stuck on it.

Doing a little bit every day helps keeping my house tidy. That way if someone decides to come over, I don't have to rush and clean up, it's already done! I'm not going to lie, the first week is time consuming, especially dusting day but once you start doing it it gets easier and doesn't take as much time.

Well that's my Southern Soapbox. Let me know what you think about my cleaning schedule, and if you have one of your own or have suggestions, let me know!

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