Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pet peeves while on the road

I swear, where did people get their license?! Who on Earth gave it to them? Seriously, please tell me so I can explain a few things to them. Most of my pet peeves are ones I have about driving. What are they, you ask? Well I'm so glad you did because I am going to tell you!

1. Apparently vehicles no longer come equipped with blinkers. I mean, I understand that car companies have been having a hard time financially, but did they really have to stop installing blinkers on cars?

2. Just in case people didn't know, your car probably (I say probably because if your car is as small as my Miata, this may not apply to you) has a blind spot. CHECK IT BEFORE CHANGING LANES!

3. Also in case people didn't know, roads curve. They do not all go straight all the time. When the road curves, your car should too (please don't think I'm saying the car turns on its own, you have to make it do that. I know, that stupid lazy car!) DO NOT just go straight when a road is curving. The person next to you won't appreciate it at all.

4. It's not really a great idea to just stop in the middle of the road for seemingly no reason. And if you get in a wreck, don't just stop in the middle of everything to chew out the person that hit you and call your insurance company. If you can move your vehicle to a parking lot DO IT! Not only are you risking getting run over, you are risking other peoples lives as well.

5. It is just as dangerous to go UNDER the speed limit as it is to go above it. Especially in Dallas. You will get run over. If you can't comfortably drive at the posted speed limit maybe you shouldn't be driving.

6. READ ROAD SIGNS! If there is a sign that says your lane is about to end.... get out of that lane! And don't wait until your lane actually ends to decide "oh crap I actually do need to get over." The signs weren't lying! Chances are there were more than one of these signs, and chances are you've driven on this road many many times (we are creatures of habit) and you already knew exactly when and where the lane ended. AND if you do wait until the last minute... don't get mad and make obscene gestures when I don't let you over.

Sadly, I observed ALL of these pet peeves in a 10 minute drive to Panda Express. Seriously, people need to learn how to drive. Maybe I should open a driving class to correct some of these issues?

Well that's my Southern Soapbox! Happy driving (assuming you don't have one of the above listed things happen to you... in which case you can contact me to join my rant).


  1. Great read. I totally agree with you. Sadly we have idiots out there that drive cars.

    1. We do indeed! Makes it kind of hard to enjoy driving...

  2. You are too funny! I agree with you though.

  3. This is so true.