Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday

Happy Hump day! I hope y'all are having a great week!

   - Crop tops. Seriously, they went out of style for a reason. They make people look like ho's and should not be worn by anyone. Ever.
   - Last week we found a mouse in the pool drainer. This week we found a frog. The stupid thing hopped back into the pool while we were trying to rescue it (again, by we I mean Mom). Idgit.
   - Ryan has an 18 hour work day. He didn't get home from work until around 5am. I had to get let Jixer out and stay with him so he wouldn't be all alone. Jixer was mad at Ryan the whole day and slept with me on the couch hahaha.
   - My sweet little nephew is getting so big! He can now use a fork all by himself. Granted he has to use two hands and he basically stabs his food to death, but he uses a fork! And he's only 18 months old! So big :(
   - I haven't decided if this is good or bad but normal people would probably be upset by it so I'll put it under "wonky". The pipe in Mom and Dad's bathroom busted and flooded their bathroom and the kitchen. The floors in the bathroom and kitchen are completely ruined and the cabinets sustained some water damage as well. The reason I'm not sure that this is completely bad is we now get to redo the floors! YAY! Thank you insurance company.
   - Last night I dreamed that I made GIANT pancakes. They were bigger than my head! As if that's not weird enough, AJ ate two of them. I wonder what a dream interpreter would say this means....

   - Again, not sure if this is "good" or "bad". I spent an hour and a half at the gym yesterday. I started watching Supernatural and ended up watching 2 episodes. I'm paying for it today.
   - Ryan and I decided that if ever we become fugitives our new names would be Steve and Sara Wesson. We're just trying to be prepared. Just in case.
   - Talking with my monkey on the phone is possibly the most adorable thing ever. We spent a few minutes growling at each other. Best conversation I've had all week.
   - My cousin took this picture at her Sweet 16. I LOVE it! I was playing "baseball" with dad and AJ walked up so I had him take a swing. We did actually hit the ball and he thought it was so funny! Thanks for the picture Delaney (btw, she is kind of an awesome photographer).
   - I've lost 2 lbs! Even more epic, my mom has lost over 15 lbs!!! GO MOM GO!!
   - I made supper last night! Baked BBQ chicken, homemade potato chips and (not homemade) baked beans! It was actually really good! Will have to do it again so I can take pictures and post the recipe!

Well, that's my Southern Soapbox for this week! Sorry, it's a little boring. It wasn't a very exciting week. I'll try to be more exciting in the next post!

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