Friday, October 19, 2012

Fashion Friday: Fall Fashion Don'ts

It's Fashion Friday! It's starting to get chilly, even here in Texas, which means there are about to be some REALLY interesting fall fashion (or not so fashionable) choices out there. Hopefully we can eliminate some of those with my "Fall Fashion Don't" list.

Fall Fashion Don'ts

Number 1: Leggings do NOT replace pants! Wearing leggings with a sweater or t-shirt that does not at least cover your butt is actually kind of disturbing.  

Number 2: Uggs are named Uggs for a reason. Because they're ugly. Wear them in your house... but not in public. 

Number 3: Tights with open toed shoes is just weird. If it's too cold to wear open toed shoes... don't wear them! It just looks weird.

Number 4: There is such thing as too much bling! Limit your bling ladies... and I suppose I should go ahead and include men in that too.

Number 5: High waisted jeans are not ok. They died several decades ago, let them stay dead please.

Number 6: Tacky or unseasonable purses... no. 

Number 7: Chunky heels are bad. They make short people look shorter and not stick people look like fat cows. So unless you have a body like a model (I hate you... ok just kidding you can stay...) you shouldn't be wearing these shoes.

Well, that's my Southern Soapbox for today! I hope you all stay fashionable this fall... and don't let me catch you breaking any of these rules!

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