Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Flashback

As most kids do, I LOVED Halloween. I still love Halloween. It's a wonderful time to get dressed up and beg people for candy without getting in trouble! I was a hardcore trick or treater.

Every Halloween I would get dressed up, long before it was time to go trick or treat. I ran around the house in my costume in anticipation of the nights events. As dusk crept closer I would gather my pillow case (because a regular trick or treat bucket wouldn't be nearly big enough) and my grocery sack and headed over to my Aunt Emily's house. Her neighbor hood was always the best place to trick or treat. Everyone decorated and gave out really good candy. It's all about learning the good locations! My mom, dad, sister and I would get to my aunt's house, eat supper and head out! My mom, sister, aunt and I would walk while my dad followed in the car. The car was necessary because after I would fill my grocery back it would start getting too heavy for me to carry. Most kids would stop at that point but not me! I'm hardcore! I would go empty my load into the pillow case and keep going! My candy would last me for an entire year. No joke. An entire year. After I made all my rounds and spent several hours of my evening chanting "trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat".
After all the rounds had been made and I simply couldn't go anymore We headed back home where I sorted my candy. All the Snickers went in a pile, all the Jolly Ranchers, Twix, Tootsie Rolls and whatever else I got. I always gave my mom most of my tootsie rolls and my dad some of my Recces Peanut Butter cups and they would also "shop" around in my pile and take what they wanted. I had plenty to share (we were a socialist household when it came to Halloween). I would have a few pieces, then go to bed. Every day after Halloween my mom would put a piece of candy in my lunch box. I never really gorged myself on it, as a matter of fact, I really didn't eat that much of it. It was still fun to go gather the candy and then share it with my family.
Now that I'm older I don't trick or treat but I do go walk with  my cousin, Mollie, and her friends and this year is the first time we are taking my nephew, AJ. I love seeing all the kids costumes. The little princesses, angels, cowboys and cowgirls, ballerinas, bumble bees. It's adorable to see kids so excited just to dress up!

Well, that's my Halloween Southern Soapbox. I hope y'all make lots of fun memories this year!

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