Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Friday: Black and White Valentine

As previously promised, a second Valentine's Day outfit! This is actually VERY similar to what I think I'm going to wear. I have been really obsessed with lace lately. I'm pretty sure the last three articles of clothing have been lace. And dresses.

Black and White Valentine

I adore this dress, which is good because I have a black dress that looks almost identical to this one. I love these shoes, I love the earrings, and the ring (also all good things, as I created this outfit and it would be really dumb if I didn't like these things). This dress just SCREAMS classy, sexy, sophisticated lady. It's tight, yes, but it's still sophisticated! I ADORE this dress! It's perfect for a romantic dinner and then followed up by going to some cozy little spot to share a dessert. Or in my case, I'll look super sophisticated and sexy going through the Taco Bell drive thru (I'm a broke college student, I'm lucky to eat at all). If you're wondering what the deal with the random head is, that would be Nina Dobrev. She's pretty much amazing in every aspect of the word, but in this case we're focusing on her hair. It's to die for. Those soft curls would be perfect for this dress. Now, if only my hair would actually hold a curl. Pair that hair with a beautiful nude lip, some stunning smokey (but not over the top) eye shadow, and you are going to be the hottest looking lady at Taco Bell.... I mean... Three Forks (which I'm pretty sure I couldn't even afford a water there).

Well, that's my Southern Soapbox! I hope you enjoyed this dress as much as I did! More Valentine's outfits to come and here is a link to yesterday's Valentine's outfit! Leave a comment if you have a request!

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