Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday

Ya.. ya ya.. I know. It's not Wednesday.

   -The fact that I'm doing Wonky and Woot-tastic WEDNESDAY on a Thursday. Sorry, I got busy yesterday
   - The things my brother-in-law and I talk about. It gets... interesting. Especially since before we didn't really like each other. He's stubborn, I'm stubborn, he likes to argue and so do I... do you see how this could be a problem? Anywho, some how we have managed to get past this and I would almost venture to say that we are friends (for those of you how have actually met me, and met Andrew AND had the pleasure of experiencing us TOGETHER... in the same room.. I'm sure there was an audible gasp coming from your lips :P)
   - My little Monkey (AJ, my nephew) is sick. He went to the doctor yesterday and they said he has a sinus infection AND bronchitis. Poor angel. His sinuses are so backed up that the mucus is coming out of his tear ducts. Again I say, poor angel. Also I say, ew. It, shamefully, reminds me of True Blood and how the vampires cry blood. Except AJ is a baby, not a vampire and he isn't crying, he's just leaking snot (ew. and now that I explain it like that... it's not so much like True Blood anymore... except it is.. but it isn't).
   - I was driving down the road the other day and I saw this women smoking her car.... then I saw that this women was smoking in her car with an INFANT in the BACKSEAT! That should be illegal. Seriously, how is that not child negligence or endangerment or something? It should be and if it were, I would have called the police on her. It's one thing to kill yourself but don't smoke around your kids, and especially not in the car with them! HELLO!
   - I got new shoes (no this is NOT the wonky part) and was walking around in them, my mom looks at me and says "are those even comfortable?" (they're 5" wedges). I told her that surprisingly, they are and she should try them on. She did (this is the wonky part, in case you were missing it). She was doing pretty well until Rebel ran by and brushed up against her. At which point she almost fell over and promptly decided it was time to take my shoes off.


 - I think this goes with out saying but... I got new shoes. WOOT! I had seen them on pinterest and saw that they were from DSW so I went and tried them on. They're AMAZING. Then I was looking and saw this ADORABLE clutch. So, of course, I got that too :).
   - My cleaning schedule is working. The house is pretty much clean. YAY.
   - Ryan got a new job! He will be working with our friend Juan (the one from Valentine's Day) as a Software support (more or less) for a pharmaceutical company.
   - We are having AMAZING weather (knock on wood). Today the high was 83! Amazing!

Well, that's my Southern Soapbox for the night!

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