Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wonky And Woot-tastic Wednesday

IT'S BACK! So excited to be back doing this segment! So, let's not waste any time!

    - Classes started on Monday. YUCK. Even worse... my first class is at 8am! Which means I have to wake up at 6:45. In the morning. Before the sun is even up. Have I mentioned before that I am NOT a morning person?

    - It has been SO COLD! Seriously, I live in Texas. Everyone knows it isn't supposed to get cold here... and yet it has snowed THREE times this winter. THREE. Ugh. I also hate the cold.
    - Since it's SO COLD I can't take Prim to class :( Which REALLY is a bummer. She's a good class buddy.
    - As of 6:45 on Monday morning... I desperately want a Keurig. It was 26* outside and FAR too early for me to be awake and I wanted a warm beverage infused with caffeine. Anyone wanna get me a Keurig?!
    - If you haven't already heard Microsoft is doing away with MSN. They bought out Skype and are wanting people to switch their contacts over to Skype. Well that's great and all except the "easy to use method" DOESN'T WORK! Also, when installed Skype on my desktop it also installed this annoying thing called StongVault? I have no idea what it is but the fact that when I try to uninstall the program it doesn't let me makes me rather suspicious (thus the reason I have a software programmer for a dad and a computer genius for a boyfriend... "Ohhhhhh bbaaaaabbbbeeeee") Poor Ryan. Poor Dad.

    - The fact that the above mentioned things are the "crappy" parts of my life. Seriously, it's a pretty good life.

    - Seriously. Look at that face. It's the CUTEST FACE EVER!
    - If you've never watched Castle you're seriously missing out! It's hilarious... and it has Nathan Fillion (the dude from Firefly.. which if you've never seen that... don't talk to me. OK.. you can talk to me.. but you also have to watch Firefly.. and Serenity.) Nathan Fillion = amazeballs.
    - Shout out to my Saster. She's pretty much awesome. Woot to her :D.

    - I seriously LOVE this CD. They're a great group with great songs! Go listen!

Ok, that's it for my Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday! I hope you enjoyed this Southern Soapbox!


  1. Thanks for posting I needed a fun little pick me up!!

  2. Glad to see that Mollie is on the mend!

  3. Ermehgerd FIREFLY FANS UNITE. I knew we were going to be awesome friends!!

  4. Oh my gosh FIREFLY!! They need to bring it back!!!!!