Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday

It's that time again! Here we go ladies and gents!

    - Yesterday morning I woke up...on my own... at 9am. That's without an alarm people. It depresses me when I wake up early.
    - Chinese food, Oreos, most of Chick-Fil-A's menu and Cookie Butter are not Gluten Free :( and I just discovered (and bought) cookie butter like 3 days ago!
    - I helped coordinate a wedding this past weekend and am STILL recovering. Totally worth it though!

    - The fact that the picture above is completely true. And then after that we all RUSH home (although carefully, for fear of slipping on the still falling snow...) and lock ourselves in our houses and refuse to leave, or risk certain death. You northerners laugh... come join us for summer and see who's laughing then!
    - The whole flu thing is kinda freaking me out. Every time I look on Facebook or Twitter someone else is sick.
    - Sometimes when you ask AJ to say something.. he says.. something.... but it sounds NOTHING like what you really wanted him to say. I mean.. NOTHING. Not even one letter is the same.
    - The fact that the first thing listed under "woot-tastic" makes me, genuinely, excited.
    - Ryan's playing some game on his phone where he tries to kill the entire world with some disease..... should I be concerned? Oh let's face it.. I should have been concerned long ago.

    - I love clean sheets. There's nothing like snuggling into bed after a full day (or not so full..) and having clean sheets on the bed. And then Rebel and George lay all over everything and that feeling is gone. Oh well. It was good while it lasted.
    - AJ has been saying his own version of "I love you." for a while now (I would tell you what it sounded like but I honestly don't know) but it's now sort of sounding more like "I love you".. now it sounds kind of like "uuwwy you". Also, when I go over to hang out and knock on the door before he even sees me I can usually hear him say "JuJu" from the other side of the door.
    - This whole Gluten Free thing actually might not be so hard (except for the Chick-Fil-A, Chinese food, Cookie Butter thing...). Maegan actually found out several things that we LOVE are naturally GF! Like Kettle Chips. Yum! Sprouts is my new best friend!
Hedgie Splat

  - Prim is possibly the cutest thing EVER. Next to AJ, of course. Mom made her a sleep sack, just to see if she could. She can. It's cute. I'm excited because now I can take Prim to class! I haven't been able too because it's been SO COLD! I took her today and she was really really cute! She slept most of the time and did the cutest little hedgie splat (see picture above) on the drive home. Her leg was twitching and everything!
    -The high today was 73! I drove around with all the windows down AND IT WAS GLORIOUS! The high tomorrow is 73! Then back down to the 50's :(.

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