Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday

    - This weather is driving me nuts! It's beautiful for a few days... then it's cold and rainy and gross. Then back to being nice and sunny and warm. Pick one already (preferably sunny and warm).
    - Whatever happened to manners and just simply being polite. "Thank you", "Excuse me", holding the door open for others, removing your hat inside, dinner table manners, where did all of these things go?
    - Why is it that construction crews close a mile of road just to fix a TINNNYY little bump? Seriously. A mile.
    - Is it weird that I think this diagram of all the muscles/tendons/ligaments etc and how they work is REALLY cool?
    - Someone asked me yesterday what TV shows I watch on a regular basis. After listing them (Bones, New Girl, Raising Hope, (sometimes) Glee, Being Human, Dexter, NCIS, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Big Bang Theory, Castle, Justified, Hart Of Dixie, Once Upon A Time, Leverage, Suits, Grey's Anatomy... just to name a few.. seriously.. there's more) I realized... I watch A LOT of TV.
    - The fact that I was about to take a nap and thought of the above thingy-ma-jig and jumped out of bed to come type it before I forgot and the thought would be lost for eternity.
    - A lady on staff at the Playboy Mansion died on Monday, her name was Mary O'Connor. She was Hef's secretary for 50+ years. That is sad, but that's not my point for this. My point is... I knew exactly who she was when I saw her name come across my twitter feed. No need to Google or anything.
    This diagram of all the muscles/tendons/ligaments etc is REALLY COOL (see what I did there?)!
    - I finally caught up on all the episodes of Castle! If you haven't seen it. Watch it. Now.
and on that note....
    - I am now watching Justified. You should also go watch that.
    - I have found several restaurants that are pretty accommodating to the whole gluten free thing! Not only does Boomerjacks have REALLY good food, they also offer GF buns! And they even made sure to prepare my food in a cleaned off area of the kitchen (or at least the very sweet waitress said they did). I will be making a post, probably tomorrow, about different products and restaurants that I've tried out (click here for link).
    - I spent 2 hours at the gym yesterday. I was going to go today but my hips aren't working so well. Guess I over did it a bit.

Well, that's my Southern Soapbox. See y'all tomorrow for my Gluten Free Product Review!

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