Thursday, January 31, 2013

Going Gluten Free: First Product Review

Well, I've been doing this gluten free thing for a little over a week and so far it's not so bad! I have tried several new GF brands! I thought I would share the one's I've tried and tell you my opinion on them (a couple of these my sister actually tried but I trust her opinion so you should too). Hopefully this will help people weed through some of the sub-par brands out there!


  Kroger Pasta
I made this with baked Italian chicken and put Ragu pasta sauce over it (all Ragu pasta sauces are GF but double check labels just in case). If I didn't know there was a difference I probably wouldn't have been able to tell. There is a slightly different texture but it's still yummy! Kroger has a BUNCH of different pastas and GF products. Here's a list.

   Schar Classic White Rolls
I used these to make a hamburger. My sister also made a hamburger and she also tried using it for her chicken salad sandwich. The hamburger was pretty yummy. The rolls are pretty thick so you have to have a big mouth (no problem here!) and it tastes perfectly fine. When Maegan used them for her chicken salad sandwich she said that the moisture from the chicken salad caused her bottom bun to fall apart. So, good for burgers or other things that don't have a lot of moisture. BUT we have a solution to your chicken salad sandwich!

After we cooked it.
   Gluten Free Pantry Favorite Sandwich Bread Mix
This bread is GOOD! We used our bread machine and I don't know if/how it would turn out if you used a loaf pan but with the bread machine it was really really yummy! The outside/crust got really hard and I ended up cutting my crusts off like a 3 year old but the inside was nice and fluffy and yummy! Tasted a lot like whole wheat bread!

   Udi's Hamburger Buns
These were pretty good and Udi has a lot of GF options! If I remember correctly they were a little thick but tasted like good 'ol hamburger buns!


   Glutino Gluten Free Cereal Apple & Cinnamon Rings
I honestly was not impressed with these at all. I got the apple cinnamon flavor because I wanted to be able to put some in a Ziploc and snack on it at school but these things were SO bland! Maybe a different flavor would be better, I don't know. I will probably just stick with Chex cereal since it's naturally GF.

   Glutino Gluten Free Organic Bars Chocolate & Peanuts
I eat these every morning on my way to class. They're not the most amazing things I've ever tasted but they're pretty good. I might try to shop around a little bit more but if I can't find anything I like more it won't be a big deal. I would recommend these, at least as a starting point.


    Glutino Chocolate Vanilla Creme Cookies
Oh. My. Gosh. Gluten Free Mom mentioned these on her blog and I KNEW I had to try them! If you know me at all you know I LOVE Oreos. When I was little my dad would bring me 2 Oreos and a glass of milk EVERY night before bed. Every. Night. Imagine how broken hearted I was when my Google search informed me that I would no longer be continuing my Oreo-bedtime ritual. Between that, and the fried pickles, it was getting to be too much (no, this is not me being dramatic). BUT I can continue my ritual! No, they're not Oreos, but they're better than nothing! And when everyone else is eating Nutter Butters and Chocolate Chip Cookies... you thank God (seriously... thank Him now) for these cookies. They don't taste exactly like Oreos, but then... nothing will ever taste exactly like Oreos. BUT, if I say they will work as a replacement then you can bet they're pretty darn close! Thank you Glutino for ending my misery and ending my gluten-free Oreo debacle.

    Annie's Gluten Free Cocoa & Vanilla Bunny Cookies
These are basically like graham crackers only not. They taste yummy. They have several different flavors too just make sure the box says "Gluten Free" on it because they do make some flavors that contain gluten. Here is a link for more of Annie's GF snacks (they also have pastas).

So, those are just some of the products that I have tried so far. I really haven't changed my diet that much. I have been purchasing A LOT more produce, specifically bell peppers and onions and TONS of fruit! I usually take some grapes in a Ziploc bag to class with me for a snack between classes.

A few restaurants I've found accommodating are:
    Boomerjack's Bar and Grill
They actually carry GF buns! I was at the Murphy location and our waitress was really sweet. She made sure to tell the kitchen about me being GF. Of course, I'm not GF because of celiac or anything so I was too paranoid about it. It was also really the first place I've eaten out since I've started the whole GF thing.
    Buffalo Wild Wings
I LOVE this place. Before we went I looked up their allergen list to see what I could have there. I usually do boneless wings, and this time I had to get them bone in but I could still do my favorite sauce (Honey BBQ). There wasn't a game the day we went and we went before the usual dinner time crowd so Ryan and I were pretty much the only people there. The waitresses took their time to make sure I was squared away. They fry their traditional (bone-in) wings in a separate fryer than they do the boneless wings (which contain gluten). The waitress even made sure that the kitchen prepared my food in a clean area of the kitchen. If you live in the Dallas area, we were at the location off of 75 and Spring Creek.
    Pure Delight Cupcakes
They don't have many locations but there is one in Carrollton, for all of you who live in the area. I haven't been there but Maegan went and she said it was AMAZING!!! I can't wait to head over there myself!!!

Well, that's my GF Southern Soapbox (yes Dad, I'm aware gluten free and southern don't go together, but I'll make them go together!). I hope this has been helpful to y'all! I am sure I will be trying more brands and finding new restaurants and as I do I will post about them! What products do you like? Do you have any GF recipes you want to share? Do you have any brands you want me to test out? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


  1. A lot of the Kettle Chips brand potato chips are GF!! :) I tried some Mediterranian Snicks brand sea salt lentil crackers. They weren't very good plain but were better with a little hummus.

  2. A lot of Lay's chips are GF too!