Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our Murphy's Law Weekend

Anything that could go wrong, did. It was completely ridiculous. Me, my mom, my sister and my adorable nephew went to Canton for the weekend for First Monday. We booked out hotel through about 2 months ago, and believe me, we will NEVER use them again! We got to our hotel in Terrell at about 2:30pm and went to check out our room. It was a smoking room! We specifically asked for non smoking because we had my 10 month old nephew with us, and smoking rooms are EW! The hotel couldn't refund our money because we had booked the room through expedia, so we called expedia. They put us on hold, and hung up on us THREE TIMES! We spend three hours on the phone with them trying to get a new room! They were determined to keep us in that smoking room, it wasn't going to happen. We ended up talking to someone in the corporate office[finally, someone that actually speaks english!] and she said they had hotels in Mabank, about 45 minutes south of Terrell. So we started heading that direction and got a call that there were no openings in Mabank so they were going to try Gun Barrel City. SURPRISE, no openings there. Did I mention that we had a 10 month old that has been in a car for 6.5 hours? He had been SO good but his patience were wearing thin, and so were ours. They finally found us a room in Athens at the Quality Inn. Quality my butt! There was nothing Quality about this place. We got there and there was a lobby FULL of people, all there to complain. One lady went in her room and the door knob fell off in her hand and her room looked like it had been stripped bare. Another man was there because his room was dirty. It was crazy. So we checked in and the ended up giving us someone elses room that hadn't checked in yet, but it wasn't actually ready! We had to go to Applebees [AHH to torture :P] to wait for our room to be cleaned. Then when we got into the room the sink was dirty and so was the bathtub, but we decided we would deal. BUT WAIT!! There's more.

Not only was getting a hotel probably the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life, EATING at the shops in Canton was proving to be just as difficult. If you have never been to Canton, I suggest you go. BUT take LOTS of cash with you. We had been shopping around and used all of our cash. Come lunch time we started noticing that none of the food vendors took cards. Who doesn't accept plastic?! RIDICULOUS! So we went in search of an ATM. Mom found one by the food, but it was broken, so Maegan and I went to one all the way across the grounds and waited in an unmoving line for 10 minutes. Finally, we decided to see what was going on, why wasn't the line moving? That machine was broken too! So, we gave up. We got some boiled peanuts and headed back to our craptastical hotel and picked up McAlister's on the way.

Seriously, I am so glad to be home! It was fun getting to spend time with my mom and sister though! And I did get a little paper hat, the money went to breast cancer research, and I bought it for a sweet lady I know that just finished Chemo :) I also got my future, future Mother In Law her Christmas present! Here are some pictures!

Excited to go on girls trip! (this was before everything went to hell)

Hope and Glory Hats benefits Breast Cancer Research.
Here's to you Miss Melanie!

On our way home. AJ and I took a nap together.

To the left is my Future, Future Mother In Laws present. It's a bible cover.
And the pink thing is the top view of the hat!

Breast Cancer Hat! I thought it was fun!

Ok, well that is my Southern Soapbox. I might be back to post stuff later. Maybe? I don't know yet. I am headed over to Ryan's to chill. We are going to be lazy! Yay for lazy!!!! Have a lazy Sunday y'all!

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