Monday, November 14, 2011

A random weekend (LOTS of pictures!)

I love random weekends! They're so much fun and keep me on my toes. So Friday my mom made a random Christmas decoration. They are Christmas tree balls with magnets stuck to the back, "hanging" on the refrigerator. Random, right? And then we have a picture of my hair! I finally went and got it cut and colored by my all time FAVORITE hair stylist EVER, Preston. He's awesome and I love him lol.

Saturday was fun! Mom and I woke up and went to Mom's church to do crafts with a great friend of ours, Melanie (she's also mentioned in the post about the pink, paper hat). Well, they did crafts, I talked. It was nice spending some time with the ladies! At about 1:30 Ryan came and picked me up and we went and had lunch with Meagan and her hubby (also one of Ryan's good friends), Chris. We went to Red Robin (yumm). It was, indeed, YUMM, although I didn't eat lol. So we went back to Ryan's apartment after that and hung out. The guys, of course, played video games, because what else do guys do?? It was a nice quiet day with great friends.

Sunday was BUSY and productive! I woke up and went to work, where I got to hold the most precious little baby girl EVER! She was SO sweet! After that I had to go over to a group meeting for a group project we are doing in my communications class. We got A LOT done so I am really excited. Our topic is awesome. We are doing miss-communication between men and women, which I find really fascinating. The picture of the book with all the tabs is one of the books my group member bought and let me borrow. I haven't even gotten half way through it and I already have all of those tabs LOL! And the ADORABLE puppy is Sammy! She is my other group members Great Dane (there are 4 people in my group, including myself). Isn't she (to dog) pretty?! I thought so. I spent a good deal of time playing tug of war. I'm pretty sure I lost, considering she was dragging me across the floor lol.

Sunday, before heading to my second job and after my group meeting, I decided to go for a walk with Rebel. We walked two miles, which is usually about how far I normally walk (by normally, I mean once every few months lol). Anywho, I saw this tree and loved the mixture of red and green leaves so I stopped and took a picture... or two. There was also a duck crossing sign which I thought was cute, so I took a picture of that too lol.

Quack Quack!

Oh, the last thing I did for the weekend was family movie night! We FINALLY watched the last Harry Potter movie!!! It was really good! So sad that it's all over though. I wonder if they are considering doing something with the kids of the people that survived? Not sure? I think it would be interesting. I want to know who the headmaster is now.... Any thoughts?

A random picture of my mother. She "decorated" for Christmas by putting Christmas tree balls on her glasses. She's weird, I know, it's genetic...

We were walking through WalMart(ugh) and I pointed out that she had her glasses neutered.
 Today, Monday, Mom and I went to Macaroni Grill and split their Chicken Marsala. It was SO good! While we were there we talked about how we want to organize her craft room. If you've ever been to Mac. Grill, you know that they have paper on the tables and you draw on them, so I took advantage of this. The little "sketch" to the far left is a bookshelf, I know, you already knew that didn't you? I bet you can't guess what you call the crazy girl in the middle. It's CLOTHES HANGER GIRL! And to the right we have a desk with a bookshelf above it. I know, I'm a fantastic artist.... *rolls eyes*.. stop laughing at my drawings please.

Now for the end of my day today. We had loaded potatoes for supper (yum!). I ate in my bed with a book :). I am reading The Vampire Diaries The Hunters Vol 1: Phantom. Yup, I am a Vampire Diaries fanatic, sue me.... or point and laugh.. whatever.

Well, that's my Southern Soapbox for the night. Going back to my book :) I have lots of homework to do tomorrow :(. Night y'all!

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