Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday!

It's time for our second Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday! So, here we go!

Wonky (things that are weird, awkward or that I just don't like in general lol)
- the picture posted above.... Mom and I did a "photo shoot" today because my outfit was cute and we decided to do "action shots" of me jumping. Mostly I just looked like.... well like I was jumping. Supposedly there is a way to jump gracefully in pictures. I tried, I can't.

- so I walked into the bathroom at Macaroni Grill. i went to the bathroom and was going to wash my hands when I saw a sign that said "mens" on the back of the door. I TOTALLY freaked out and ran out of the bathroom. Then I remembered that they do that on purpose to screw with poor innocent women's minds... so uncool.
- haha so I was walking through WalMart(ugh walmart) with my mother and suddenly decided to start speaking with a British accent. By British I mean British/Australian/Scottish. It was pretty funny. I started t get a lot better at it the more I did it. The lady at the check out counter asked if I was practicing for a play or something.... nope, I'm not that normal.
- I know a lot of game lingo, and it disturbs me. Ryan will be talking about some weird thing about his online game and I will know exactly what he is talking about. I can't really think of an example but when I think of one, I'll be sure to share it with you lol
- the cold... ugh I hate it! It makes my joints hurt

Woot-tastic (thanks that make me go WOOT!)

- getting 2 new books to read. I'm always looking for something good to read. I prefer series because I like the development of the characters and to see what happens next. I'm always REALLY sad when I finish a series. Like I'm loosing friends (I know, I'm weird)
- a book that is so well written that you feel like you are there. I love it when I can loose myself in a book and it become, for a short time, my reality. Does anyone else do this or am I a freak? lol (well, I know I'm a freak.. you know what I mean)
- ONE WEEK TO THANKSGIVING! And after that only 2 weeks until the end of the semester! I'm really excited but am surprisingly sad that my Communications class is coming to an end :(.
- Seeing my friend Chris. He has been in Afghanistan for nine months. A lot of things happened to him over there but I am really glad that he is home, safe with his wifey :).

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